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Jacket looks great ... but I would be concerned about the leather shrinking as it dries.
very nice ... Townley's remind of the Alt Wein without the bug on the toe caps.
Agree with above ... the overall design of the Strand is more cohesive to me.
You're looking for a new zipper pull. The hanger loop is used to hang your jacket when you don't have a hanger.
Can the herringbone fabric be expected to stretch like most denim? It looks to be a lighter weight material, but I'm not familiar with the weave.
sounds about right ... either they've found their ideal size/cut and are backing more pairs or have simply given up after their initial experience
I wear Barrie 8D ... I ordered the ranger mocs is 8, 8.5 and 9. Kept the 9 for width reasons and returned the others to CM.
It worked for me on the Canadian site.
Thanks for the heads-up ... time to request another price correction and maybe a couple of more pairs.EDIT ... I will not price correct as will likely kill the deal for everyone.
I really enjoyed the recent shoe dissections along with the DIY colour enhancements and refinishing.
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