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It worked for me on the Canadian site.
Thanks for the heads-up ... time to request another price correction and maybe a couple of more pairs.EDIT ... I will not price correct as will likely kill the deal for everyone.
I really enjoyed the recent shoe dissections along with the DIY colour enhancements and refinishing.
20% off ... I would imagine
I believe that Eastland also outsources to Highland.
A stiffer, double-leather sole would also counteract a creasing of the cap.
The whales are plastered all over the pant ... you can cut them into shorts and still have a few swimming around your legs.
^^ You planning to have a garage sale?
I originally thought that it was a piece of lint caught in the finish. It is the length of 2 stitches ... based upon the roll/crease pattern in my long- and short-wing tip shoes/boots, I don't foresee it growing in length.
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New Posts  All Forums: