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On a semi-related note ...I've had to pay the full retail price on only 33% of my Alden collection ... but that collection consists of just 3 models. I'll be patient enough to pay off retail for my 4th pair ... still looking for a shell cap toe boot in 8 or 8.5 depending on the last.
Compared to my Filson x Levis Trucker in small, the Gustin Trucker in small has a slightly shorter back (.5"), longer sleeves (1") and roomier chest (1" flat). I would have to size down to the XS Gustin to match the fit of my FxL trucker. Overall, the Gustin Trucker will have a more cropped look compared to the usual slim-fit Levi's TIII Trucker (note that Levi's also has a relaxed fit TIII trucker).
Is that the same pair that you are selling in your blogspot or is that just a newer pair?
body looks fine ... my hang-up would be the sleeve length (haha, so what's new)
Awesome 1st post MISO ... got myself the brown computer bag for $154 ... shipped to sister's place in NC, so no tax either!
Unlined suede does not appear to be very forgiving ... I would recommend a shorter and wider size to better fit the ball of your foot.
Smallest size is 9, but likely still too big for my 8d Barrie foot?
I've been looking to buy the JCrew PCT boot (8h) for awhile now. For those of you who have scored them for less than retail, is it just a matter of entering each new promo code to see which one sticks?
If they are 8.5D, I would gladly take them off your hands.
Hey BC ... have the sleeves of your FxL trucker shrunk? I recall reading that the first run was characterized by fitting a size or two smaller than tagged ... but I read nothing about the sleeves. My 18-month old FxL Trucker fits true to size and the sleeves are a good 3-4" longer than the body. I'm assuming that my jacket is from a subsequent run.
New Posts  All Forums: