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Did you find them to be too narrow?I wear 8D Barrie but had to size up to a 9 for the ranger mocs.
I see a zip-fly in one of your pictures ... not the button fly mentioned in your post..
My selvedge collection includes:Jean Shop Rockers (indigo and natural) - Made in USA3:16 ST-100 (black) - Made in USAPaul Rose Slub - Made in CanadaFlat Head Z3005 - Made in JapanBlue in Green N-02 - Made in JapanRL Black Label - Made in TurkeyEach pair is unique and without looking at the tags, I can identify the denim by texture and shade alone ... particularly the black and natural pair I only flash the selvedge line on the Jean Shop Rockers ... I really like the...
With the JCrew PCT boots, many others (myself included) have gone 1/2 size up from our usual Barrie shoe size.
clubmonaco is offering 40% off on its Rancourt models.
FYI ... code worked on the Canadian site.
Agree ... all that matter is the left and right shoes match
+ 1 .., the final product is impressive
I've got the logo-free black shell exterior (contrast stitch) with cognac dublin interior. If someone is looking to downsize to a front pocket wallet, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this Mitchell money clip wallet.
whoa ... the shell exterior went from burgundy to black.
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