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Can't debate those findings.
With the extra 30% off LD promo, I picked up a couple of the gingham shirts.
Are they Made in England?
Are the Docs Made in England?
I wonder how long it will be until they start selling at 40% off like the Rancourts.
I actually install nylon taps to protect the top-lift ... I simply want to delay the trip to the cobbler for as long as I can.
No ... I realized that I wasn't a true fan of the Trubalance last and have since moved on to cap-toe Grant and Barrie boots.
I hear ya ... my little toe made me sell my CXL Indy
uh-oh ... you may get a tiny more room when the cork layer compresses, but one should not expect shell to stretch much
Did you find them to be too narrow?I wear 8D Barrie but had to size up to a 9 for the ranger mocs.
New Posts  All Forums: