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It sucks that none of the CMs in Canada actually stock the Rancourts (at least none of the stores in Toronto and Vancouver). I didn't want to mess around and so I ordered the camp mocs in an 8, 8.5 and 9. I ended keeping the 9s to better accommodate the width of my foot. I'm a 8.5D on the Brannock. While in Boston, I did manage to try on a display pair of size 9 Rancourt Beefrolls at a CM. It felt a little loose and so I feel that I would need to go TTS for that...
@NikT ... thanks for the heads-up on the sale ... CM is now processing a price adustment for the navy camp mocs that I purchased last month
In the long run, returning it is a good idea.
EVERYTHING20 at www.needsupply.com works on Filson.
After factoring in the additional costs, you could consider buying a couple of sizes and then returning what doesn't work.
Better ... as in lighter, more roomy, better profile ... all of the above?
Thanks for trying.
^^ you're more likely to get sik stainz
to me, king monks look much better with fewer rolls ... Mac/ATLVol > DonL
^ You mean "Sportsman" bag.
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