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I've been mulling over your pairs on sale ... what fits closer to your 8D Barries, the 8.5D Grant or 8D Trubalance?
I concur ... punch weight.
i ordered the cordovan captoe ... courtesy of the promo code that you tipped us on (steel28 got the same deal) late last month ... but unlike your experience, my boots are not expected until mid-may
i actually scored the same deal ... so no
You sold a pair just last year ... you went and bought it again?Oh wait ... this must be the pair that you scored for 20% off.
you'll have a hot-spot there until you break in the shoe ... recommend wearing bandages in that area until the foot bed compresses ... good luck
What size should I get the Monroe if my Barrie-shoe size is 8D?
$131 for Monroe perf cap toe boots (Eastland for J Press made by Rancourt) ... many sizes available.http://www.jpressonline.com/search.php?search_query=eastlandI'd be all over these if the last didn't remind me so much of the 1000 Mile boots ... the sleeker (gasp) profile the of Barrie-lasted boots are more to my liking.
Is anyone aware of promo codes for Palmer Trading Co?
I would return if you can't button up the top even after sucking in your mid-section. You can only hope to stretch the waistband if it's buttoned up ... otherwise, all the tension is on the second button.
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