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that bulge looks like it's on the left boot and it does look quite prominent from that angle ... regardless, the shell will keep it in line unlike CXL which would only worsen and accentuate the bulge
Legit retailer ... got my brown 257 from there a couple of years ago.
Stretching occurs over multipleStretching occurs over multiple wears ... therefore, it is unlikely for a customer-returned jean to have been stretched out after being only tried on.If your gut is not exerting much pressure on the waist, I would not imagine that your pair would stretch out to require a belt.
^ good stuff Mitch
That new last will certainly make me reconsider their boot offerings.
Since you've got a representative sample of all 3 Gustin denim cuts, it would be awesome if you could post fit-pics ... I promise not to mention jeggings or bicycle pants in any of my resulting comments
The downside to tapering just the inseam is that it alters the drape of the leg. To counteract the imbalance, denim tailors (eg. Railcar Fine Goods) will go the extra step and also alter the selfedge side.Some companies such as Iron Heart will even "sacrifice" the selvedge line on some of their tapered models in order attain the cut that they desire.
Ditto for my Eastland Kennebunks ... now I wonder what the markings Highland uses for the models it produces for Eastland's Made in Maine line.
Thanks ... enjoyed your write-up on Dayton.
The silence is deafening.
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