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This is silly ... low rise cuts are not limited to "high-end" denim brands.
Just curious ... what has been less than ideal about the last?
that is a new low ... trying to pass a restored shoe as a 2nd.
I wear 8.5 D with a Hampton shoe, Barrie & Grant boots and 8 D with the Barrie shoe. The Grant boot is my most narrow-fitting Alden and the Barrie boot roomiest all around.The 11.5 D or E Grant-lasted boot would be a safe bet for you.
still unstable ... crashing on every 2nd page for me
Darkening the antique edge would not be very difficult.
nice ... now's the time for more enjoying and less fretting
My king 975 is 2 years older than my JCrew PCTs and the 975s have way more of the eggplant glaze than the PCTs.
Thanks, I'll have to pop in before the sale ends.
Is your heel swimming in the 10EEE? How do your feet feel in the 11E?
New Posts  All Forums: