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The AE cordovan cream certainly imparted some pigment. I'll be wearing them again to determine how long it takes for the pigment to wear off.
I purchased this pair of burgundy cordovan LWBs from rennavate. But since I already had a pair of Alden 975s, I felt comfortable in experimenting with this pair. What I basically did was to expose them to this winter's sun for a good 2 months ... as expected, they lightened up considerably from a uniform dark burgundy to an uneven reddish-brown colour . Unfortunately, they have also become quite dry and so I will eventually need to condition them. Overall, I like the...
Please grace us with fit pic or else a narrative of what you think went wrong. TIA
Are you referring to blind-eyelets?My 975 and 9016 do not have them (but all of my Florsheims do).
classic profile of a mismatched foot and last ... pinky-toe hanging over and beyond the welt ... but clearly comfort was not compromised as demonstrated by the amount of wear
While the pair must feel like slippers ... an attribute of CXL ... they do not complement your feet (I had the same experience with D-width Trubalance/CXL).I would also recommend a wider pair ... but be prepared to also accommodate a wider heel pocket and higher forefoot volume with tongue pads and insoles.
Most report that Barrie = Trubalance ... my experience with a pair of CXL Indy's was different. I would recommend going down 1/2 size but increasing the width.Partly because CXL is so stretchy, my Indys developed unsightly pinky toe bulges on each foot ... I feel that going from 8D to 7.5E would have improved the overall appearance.
It sure looks like the same pair to me ... wondering if he got them restored just to flip on the bay or if he just had a change of heart.
Nice score ... hopefully they'll have another promo soon.
^ Are those recessed steel toe taps I'm seeing?
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