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Customer service claims that no mistake was made and that I was shipped the #8 belt ... needless to say, it is being returned.Sadly, it will likely be returned to the stock store for the next unsuspecting customer.
I ordered the #8 CXL belt from the stock sale and was surprised to find a belt that was lacking the rich red-brown tones featured in the #8 CXL belt and footwear campaigns As you'll note from the picture, the belt more closely matches the cognac calf than the #8 shell cordovan. Any comments from those who've received their #8 belts? Aside from the colour, the belt itself is quite desireable.
The effect of machine-washing and drying is temporary ... the material quickly relaxes after a few hours of wear.
What's to be sorry about? I still wear them, I'm just looking for any guidance on my next purchase.
I went with the Okayama Standards (OS) in a 32-straight for my first pair of Gustins. But even after a hot soak and machine dry, they’ve eased too much in the top block. If I were to order the OS again (or another denim with similar stretching potential), I could see myself downsizing to a 31-straight. For those of you with the OS in your Gustin collection, would you say that it’s level of stretchiness is above-, below- or about average?
Best clip wallets ever ... mine is black shell with cognac dublin interior.
benchan is a good candidate for proper driving shoes
Their teaser pic features a tan twill bag ... they clearly weren't interested in trying to differentiate themselves from Filson.
that bulge looks like it's on the left boot and it does look quite prominent from that angle ... regardless, the shell will keep it in line unlike CXL which would only worsen and accentuate the bulge
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