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Whawhat was the waist shrinkage like?
2" inseam shrink sounds like insanforized denim. How did the waist behave?
Who are these people paying to add working buttons? Is it like rolling up your jeans to show the selvedge line?
Did they sew-up small or is the material so dense that they feel more snug?
Those alpine grains are my size, but just a little too rich for me right now.
Jean Shop Rocker in white is on sale right now at their site for $100.
For sizing reference, are your JC PCT boots 8 or 8.5?
The materials used are also so diverse that you can't count on them to behave in the same manner when sewn, washed/soaked or worn. For instance, G recommends sizing up on the Cone BluexBlack because the extra dense weave is less apt to stretch. The loomstate and some of the heavier denims are to be sized up even more.
Would you be able to provide measurements?
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