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Very reasonable ... who's offering it for that price?
Hmmm ... I've never seen that particular label before ... every Filson label that I recall seeing says "Seattle" somewhere on it.
Avoid vinyl belts!
Beautiful LWBs ... when it is time to retire my Florsheim cognac pebble-grain version, I will seriously consider those.PS - the creasing must really be minor because I can't see it.
The last promo code that I used was declined by the website, but I did manage to connect with a stylist willing to apply it to my order after I mentioned that others in this forum were able to avail themselves of the discount.
+1 on the thicker laces
You commented elsewhere that the Levi's by Filson trucker was also too cropped.It makes me wonder if there is even a trucker out there for you good enough for you.
I appreciate your sharing your experience with them.Unfortunately, the 8 in black was sold out and so I went for the 8.5 ... I may very well be wearing insoles and/or thicker socks with pair ... my first moccasin boots.
@iamsilvermember I say 7 days out in the sun between 10am and 4pm would lighten the left shoe to match the right.
I agree with you ... thankfully, the reverse welt beefs it up a little bit ... imagine the added imbalance with a flat welt matched to the single flex sole.
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