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characteristic pinky toe bump on CXL ... always wondered if a wider width would help
I would buy loden or navy if I had that 30% off coupon
that is a feature of shell cordovan to behold ... I find the the perfs on my JCrew PCT reduces the effect
Your next consideration is the level of contrast between the canvas and leather straps ... brown would be much more subtle while the otter green more obvious.
The half size discrepancy is not obvious to me.
Did you forget to switch the left boot to bar lacing?
Wow ... makes for a great store fixture.What kind of wood?
I too, would have selected the Indy over the PCT in that make-up.As an aside, I find the Barrie-lasted Indy to be much more attractive than the original Trubalance versions.
Embossed leather coasters are a nice touch ... not to mention the footwear.
If you're only in your 20's or 30's, you better start getting some use out of those really nice shoes. As you get older, your feet will increase in size ... something to do with tendons loosing their spring and arches relaxing leading to an elongation and widening of the foot.My buddies and I are in our late-30's and early 40's and we've all had to start buying shoes .5 to 1.5 sizes larger.
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