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How old is that pair?The patina (fading from burgundy to reddish-brown) is quite evident.
They do look quite comfortable ... but agree that something wider would be in order for your next pair.
I sun-bleached a pair of burgundy cordovan LWBs ... the different panels of leather each lightened by a different amount. I wouldn't rely on bleaching in an attempt to match shades.
This pic has made me reconsider the Monroe.
I like your positive attitude ...I like your positive attitude ... how long did you wait to receive this pair?
I wonder if others have requested for chainstitch run-off.
This is possible with a darker polish or cream, but just don`t expect the effect to be permanent ... cordovan appears to be quite impervious to consumer applied pigments found in creams and polishes.From personal experience, I was able to restore some burgundy pigment to a pair of sun-bleached Horween cordovan ... but it was quite obvious that the pigment was sitting on top of the material and would be subject to being worn off in time.
There's nothing wrong with using Kiwi and Moneysworth & Best products. They can be purchased at shoe repair shops and even some groceries
Be sure to give em a good brushing to bring out some lustre.
I imagine that you would also garner higher bids at that time of year.
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