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I like your positive attitude ...I like your positive attitude ... how long did you wait to receive this pair?
I wonder if others have requested for chainstitch run-off.
This is possible with a darker polish or cream, but just don`t expect the effect to be permanent ... cordovan appears to be quite impervious to consumer applied pigments found in creams and polishes.From personal experience, I was able to restore some burgundy pigment to a pair of sun-bleached Horween cordovan ... but it was quite obvious that the pigment was sitting on top of the material and would be subject to being worn off in time.
There's nothing wrong with using Kiwi and Moneysworth & Best products. They can be purchased at shoe repair shops and even some groceries
Be sure to give em a good brushing to bring out some lustre.
I imagine that you would also garner higher bids at that time of year.
Have you considered having a rubber out sole (Topy) installed?
Excellent ... it was a great deal for a MIM item!
Don't forget to look at the Marketplace for pre-owned items and save some $.
Due to fit issues, I am selling this pair of Leeds. They are first quality, purchased directly from AE. I am the original owner and wore them no more than a dozen occasions. As you can tell from the soles, they were never worn in the rain. Both toe and heel taps were installed upon purchase. Tongue pads were also installed to improve fit (to no avail). Shoes will ship within their original shoe box and flannel bags (no shoe trees). Payment by PayPal. Price includes...
New Posts  All Forums: