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Update ... I returned the chore coat ... the nice price does not compensate for the boxy cut.Returning it to the local Sears store was convenient though.
I tried it on yesterday ... great details on the jacket.Too bad the small fits me like an x-small ... so I passed on it.
Gustin will accept your "worn" denim in exchange ... that is very generous of them.
60% off a number of items including leather jackets and belts, denim pants and jackets, Chippewa boots an other footwear http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/
Do you have them delivered to Calgary or a US-based address? If directly to Calgary, curious to know that additional taxes/duties you may be charged.
I was uncertain of my sizing and preferred colours and so I ordered 4 pairs ... olive and navy ranger mocs in 8 and 8.5.I hope that I'm not tempted into keeping one of each colour.
FYI ... expect to be charged around 25 USD to have shoes from Canada to TX.
Jean Shop has the following Chippewa's at 60% off http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/chippawa-6-service-boot-size-10 ... size 9 only http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/chippewa-wedge ... size 10, 12 only http://www.jean-shop.com/sale/jean-shop-chippewa-collaboration-boot ... many sizes!
My #8 LWBs are noticeably much darker than my burgundy Leeds ... the eggplant glazing on the #8 makes a huge difference.
^ Open an account and get 15% off your next order ... for those of us living in Canada, it just means save on the taxes!
New Posts  All Forums: