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Are the Eastland MIM Kennebunks made by Rancourt or Highland ... interested in sizing recommendation (8.5D Brannock).
he mentioned ... http://www.loafersandlaces.com/
Jean Shop (http://jeanshop.tumblr.com/) has Filsons at 30% off ... some look to have been washed.
Levi's by Filson Trucker is perfect for this time of year.
How old is that pair?The patina (fading from burgundy to reddish-brown) is quite evident.
They do look quite comfortable ... but agree that something wider would be in order for your next pair.
I sun-bleached a pair of burgundy cordovan LWBs ... the different panels of leather each lightened by a different amount. I wouldn't rely on bleaching in an attempt to match shades.
This pic has made me reconsider the Monroe.
I like your positive attitude ...I like your positive attitude ... how long did you wait to receive this pair?
I wonder if others have requested for chainstitch run-off.
New Posts  All Forums: