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Embossed leather coasters are a nice touch ... not to mention the footwear.
If you're only in your 20's or 30's, you better start getting some use out of those really nice shoes. As you get older, your feet will increase in size ... something to do with tendons loosing their spring and arches relaxing leading to an elongation and widening of the foot.My buddies and I are in our late-30's and early 40's and we've all had to start buying shoes .5 to 1.5 sizes larger.
RE: Barrie lasted shoe vs boot and #8 variation ... I fill out an 8D 975 quite fully and I so went with an 8.5D on the JCrew PCT boot. I'm happy that the 8.5D boot is just a little bit roomier ... I imagine that an 8D boot would have been quite snug. In terms of colour, the I much prefer the deeper eggplant hues on the 975.
Hmmm ... what shoes to pair with jeans ... have a look at Alden and AE threads for inspiration on US made footwear (along with Wolverine, Eastland, Rancourt, etc.)
It's a casual shoe ... so not a disaster.Another go around with the polish will darken it further and even it out.
Any wetting and drying of leather should be followed with liberal conditioning with something like Lexol to prevent cracking.
Must be a heavy calf jacket ... I can only recommend repeating the hot bath and machine dry.
Yikes ... that's a pretty heavy up charge for the wool flaps.
MrDV ... cap toe + boot + cigar = versatility
It does lock legit ... consider asking Filson if they do in fact use different labels for some markets.
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