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Must be a heavy calf jacket ... I can only recommend repeating the hot bath and machine dry.
Yikes ... that's a pretty heavy up charge for the wool flaps.
MrDV ... cap toe + boot + cigar = versatility
It does lock legit ... consider asking Filson if they do in fact use different labels for some markets.
The shine naturally draws my gaze to the shell ... very nice.
Very reasonable ... who's offering it for that price?
Hmmm ... I've never seen that particular label before ... every Filson label that I recall seeing says "Seattle" somewhere on it.
Avoid vinyl belts!
Beautiful LWBs ... when it is time to retire my Florsheim cognac pebble-grain version, I will seriously consider those.PS - the creasing must really be minor because I can't see it.
The last promo code that I used was declined by the website, but I did manage to connect with a stylist willing to apply it to my order after I mentioned that others in this forum were able to avail themselves of the discount.
New Posts  All Forums: