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The taper to the toe area of the 1-last cramps my toes and the area by the ball of the foot is also quite snug. However, the overall snugness of the 1-last has resulted in an excellent symmetry of the rolls between the left and right shoe.My foot is much better suited to the Barrie last.
I wear 8D Barrie and am selling a pair of 8.5D Leeds. The Leeds is more narrow and also has a greater taper towards the toe.To get an equivalent fit with the Leeds, I'd have to consider a wider width like an E or even EE (but would then have to deal with a loose heel cup).
What's to get over ... he posts pics, recommends his method and acknowledges other's acquisitions.
Wow ... that shell looks flawless.
characteristic pinky toe bump on CXL ... always wondered if a wider width would help
I would buy loden or navy if I had that 30% off coupon
that is a feature of shell cordovan to behold ... I find the the perfs on my JCrew PCT reduces the effect
Your next consideration is the level of contrast between the canvas and leather straps ... brown would be much more subtle while the otter green more obvious.
The half size discrepancy is not obvious to me.
Did you forget to switch the left boot to bar lacing?
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