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Here's another great deal if you're a size 9 ... Eastland MIM Belfast in Brown ... $149 (last pair). http://www.charlieandlee.com/collections/mens-mens-shoes/products/eastland-belfast-usa-kiltie-boot-in-brown
That's a fine transformation from flat burgundy to glossy caramel.
If you're not getting any blisters and your shoes are not displaying any odd creases or gapping issues (all indicative of sizing issues), then you've got the correct size for the lasts that you have.
I haven't had a pair of mocs since my undergrad years when I strolled around campus in my LLB camp and ranger mocs. I'd probably still have them if I knew back then that they could be resoled! Fast forward 20 years later and I'm back in mocs, albeit a full size larger ... I received my pairs of Rancourt for Club Monaco ranger mocs. I chose to keep the navy over the olive. Only the navy pairs came with both the leather and taslan laces ... and yes, that's how I wore...
Unbelievable ... it's as if they were built on different lasts.
Do you have a gapping issue with the right shoe?
Agree with MOK ... you need room to layer (even if you don't plan to).
Those are seconds now. As an aside, I also had to return my first pair of "1st quality Leeds" for a couple of defects (mis-matched heel blocks and heel counters).
ooops ... my bad
^ Interesting observation ... I've seen both models side by side ... never would have imagined that one could cram more into a 256 over a 257. I have the 257 in brown and do appreciate the compartments, however.
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