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The last promo code that I used was declined by the website, but I did manage to connect with a stylist willing to apply it to my order after I mentioned that others in this forum were able to avail themselves of the discount.
+1 on the thicker laces
You commented elsewhere that the Levi's by Filson trucker was also too cropped.It makes me wonder if there is even a trucker out there for you good enough for you.
I appreciate your sharing your experience with them.Unfortunately, the 8 in black was sold out and so I went for the 8.5 ... I may very well be wearing insoles and/or thicker socks with pair ... my first moccasin boots.
@iamsilvermember I say 7 days out in the sun between 10am and 4pm would lighten the left shoe to match the right.
I agree with you ... thankfully, the reverse welt beefs it up a little bit ... imagine the added imbalance with a flat welt matched to the single flex sole.
B is overkill ... the Topy will be sufficient to protect the toe from excessive wear.
I imagine that riders on the heavyweight bandwagon already jumped on the 26'ers.
Oops .. should have quoted the following ... Originally Posted by DJTraveler View Post Cordovan belts are also on sale for $174. WTH? Says "Made in Canada". Who's the Canadian leather [belt] manufacturer? Being Canadian myself, I find that amazing. Years ago I know there used to be Dack's Shoes producing good men's shoes, but alas they went bankrupt in the 90's. Who's left? Dayton boots making high-end work boots in Vancouver...doubt they're producing cordovan belts...
Viberg manufactures boots in Victoria and so does Roots in Toronto. I really like my Dayton boots ... but I consider the brand to be high-priced as opposed to high-end.
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