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Better ... as in lighter, more roomy, better profile ... all of the above?
Thanks for trying.
^^ you're more likely to get sik stainz
to me, king monks look much better with fewer rolls ... Mac/ATLVol > DonL
^ You mean "Sportsman" bag.
I picked up this pair of Kennebunks from East Dane earlier in Spring ... they are replacing a 15-year old pair of black Roots Tuff boots.
My current Alden rotation includes the following:8.5D Grant boot (4065)8.5D JCrew PCT boot8.5D Hampton shoe (9016)8D Barrie shoe (975)The 8.5D Grant is my most snug fitting Alden (at the ball).For you, an 8E might be a good start ... but don't rule out an 8.5D.As an aside, I once owned an 8D Trubalance boot (CXL Indy) ... but a combination of the last and stretch of CXL resulted in very unsightly pinky-toe bulging.
That C width designation is most certainly for the ball of the foot and not the heel.
Here's another great deal if you're a size 9 ... Eastland MIM Belfast in Brown ... $149 (last pair). http://www.charlieandlee.com/collections/mens-mens-shoes/products/eastland-belfast-usa-kiltie-boot-in-brown
That's a fine transformation from flat burgundy to glossy caramel.
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