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I saw this jacket last night ... the seller was nice enough to bring it to my hotel to try on. Had it fit me, I would've taken it on the spot ... it's in excellent condition and a great deal for $450!
I'm patiently waiting for my Mitchell cordovan clip wallet ... but I sure hope that I DON'T receive one of these in error.
I really don't know who DC is trying to impress in these forums. He's stooped so low on so many occasions that there is no way that he can build up any credibility.On a personal note, I wish I had discovered this forum 15 years ago ... then I would have realized that a moist cloth wipe followed by Kiwi polish is insufficient to prevent the surface of calf from cracking.
agree that body fit is 10/10, but I feel sleeves could use additional length ... once the arms break in around the elbow, they won't hang as long are when they are new
Thanks ... I appreciate the insight.I already have a moto for the t-shirt look, but I was considering the A2 for cooler temps.
slack tide ... you sized that jacket to layer?
Let's keep this thread going ... post a heads-up if someone finds themself in the need to part with sample boots (particularly in a UK 7.5 )
I've never seen a single pair of Aldens at the JCrew outlets that I've been to.
Thanks drift3r ... the comparison to the weird guy cut was particularly useful to me.
To avoid exorbitant shipping prices, I would recommend driving to your local cobbler.
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