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The whales are plastered all over the pant ... you can cut them into shorts and still have a few swimming around your legs.
^^ You planning to have a garage sale?
I originally thought that it was a piece of lint caught in the finish. It is the length of 2 stitches ... based upon the roll/crease pattern in my long- and short-wing tip shoes/boots, I don't foresee it growing in length.
Sign up for their emails and get a 15% off promo code.
This is silly ... low rise cuts are not limited to "high-end" denim brands.
Just curious ... what has been less than ideal about the last?
that is a new low ... trying to pass a restored shoe as a 2nd.
I wear 8.5 D with a Hampton shoe, Barrie & Grant boots and 8 D with the Barrie shoe. The Grant boot is my most narrow-fitting Alden and the Barrie boot roomiest all around.The 11.5 D or E Grant-lasted boot would be a safe bet for you.
still unstable ... crashing on every 2nd page for me
Darkening the antique edge would not be very difficult.
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