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Barrie-lasted shoes in 8D could not fit me any better.As for the AE 1-last, I've got a sub-optimal fit on the 8.5D cordovan Leeds ... if it wasn't already too late to exchange, I would have gone for an 8E or even perhaps 8EE.
nice ... pit-zips are a great feature ... oftentimes, I have grommets installed to vent moisture
I'm an 8D in Barrie ... you?
Can someone explain what is being depicted in this picture taken from the Alden factory? To me, it suggests that the original insoles are removed as part of the restoration. Is that correct? Perhaps it is then re-installed as a benefit to the original owner who would then not have to repeat the break in process? If I were to consider purchasing pre-owned quality footwear, I would want fresh, flat leather insoles installed as part of the restoration.
Did the restoration involve any work on the interior ... e.g., replacement of the full-length leather insole or perhaps just the logo'd heel pad?I'm also considering the purchase of pre-owned Aldens for restoration, but I don't want to be stuck with the original insole that may will have been soiled and imprinted by the previous owner.
looks great with the king aldens
#8 is the burgundy cordovan used my AE PTBs and Florsheim LWBs What you have there is colour King ... aka #8 supercharged by Alden with some exceptional glazing that enhances shine and adds a touch of additional pigment for depth.
Flat Head or Iron Heart jeans?Regardless ... the double cuff works with that straight fit and the "work" boot.
Great fit and thanks for the review and comparison of the finer construction details ... BTW, when was your old MDR made?
It looks like you sized for layering ... or did you request a relaxed fit?
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