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I have a medium camo fj, no issues with the arm holes. On a side note, I did use the existing tunnel to to thread in a shoelace and cinch in the waist.
Give RL outlet in Woodbury a call. They'll take phone order if your item is on hand.
Let me know if anyone can proxy!
Those turned out looking good.
Could you post the current measurements of your pair?
It's not real gold
Where are you shipping from? Wondering if I might get hit with duties.
I noticed that just hang-drying my camo jacket shrunk the material. The shrinkage was more noticeable lengthwise, than width wise. I have a feeling that the tumble drying would reduce the arm hole somewhat.
I put the tape measure to my Italy Summers (#291) tagged 31 from the first run and found the numbers to match 32s. The inseam also measured 35", instead of 34". If you've received the same jean, what's been your experience? Do they shrink a whole lot or should I just return them?
Congrats ... you picked the best size for yourself ... sleeves might be a tad short, but the body looks spot on.
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