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Those look great ... congrats.Are you local to Dayton or did you get lucky with sizing?
What's the cost of shipping the bag back to BB ... I'm wondering if it might be less costly and inconvenient for you to simply purchase a replacement pad.Regardless, that sucks for your 1st experience with the brand.
Actually ... one out of every 10 belt backers get that special edition version which is made in a rough out leather
The reputation of Horween is so great that I imagine Bass would have boasted about it if the shoes were made of CXL.Regardless of the source of the leather, the colour looks very good and the pull-up qualities will make it relatively maintenance free.
It would have been more misleading if the seller did NOT reveal the X.
Looks just like a pair of Eastland MiM Kennebunks that I picked up earlier this year. I went TTS at 8.5 and found them a little bigger than expected (perfect with mid-weight socks).For reference, I wear a 9 in the Rancourt Camp Mocs (sized for sockless wear).
^ excellent fit on the Heavy Americans ... congratulations.
I got the same pair from CM ... great deal at 40% off.
For Toronto area folks ... Brown's is having a 30-50% off sale on its stock of AEs. Brown's specializes on short and stout men and so the sizes only run from 5.5 to 8 in E and EEE widths. http://link.upkne.com/v/443/87edfc0832c9bc5473890b9711b1011d2c10e71d98e9e653
New Posts  All Forums: