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Haha, i've actually gotten a comment about it before..Didnt understand what the guy was talking about until i saw it had DOPE factory written all across it
Need Supply Doing a 50 off 200$ or more purchase GIFTYOURSELF til Nov 25th
Possibly In for round 2 depending on color/style
If anyone is interested. Im selling my size 15 1/3 - 32 1/2 TOKYO SLIM FIT shirts. They are a bit too small for me and i think i would be better off in a size up. I have one white and one blue broadcloth spread color, pink OCBD, and a blue OCBD. All 4 shirts in great condition worn a few times each in rotation and washed. will take 180 for all 4 or 50 a piece.
this, lets get this thing rolling
in for grey wool cap with tan leather strap
my sl-100x
actually, i edited before he posted because i didnt want to call names. And again who cares... those threads are dead and shit a forum is meant to make threads. Why be so anal about it.
It is also 2011, and those threads are from 2006. and who cares
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