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Hi Ykim917,Glad you found some good tailors! Look forward to seeing those pics!By the way, John Cooper is a pretty good fabric but they have outsourced their production line to China. So I'm not entirely sure if charm has charged u a premium more than what u need to pay.According to my distributor contact, the fabric price should range from HKD 450 to HKD 550 per yard from what I remember. Juz my 2 cents.Cheers,Prime
Yes GBR! All went well but didn't had time to take some decent pics since I started my new role. Will post some real soon. Thanks for the patience !
Think no fabric will ever work in this condition! Wonder anyone has tried using these under their shirt or jacket! Hahaha
I would love to wear the beach wear @ the office! Haha
Have anyone made crazy efforts in maintaining the Sartorial look under such extreme weather condition? Feel free to share what you wear, extreme hot or extreme cold
Hi all! The first week of 2013 has been really busy! Managed to squeeze some time do some quick editing. Hmm...I admit, my editing skills sucks! Here goes. Lee Baron 2nd Fitting: Back View Side Right Side Left Didn't get too many pics taken @ Lee Baron because there's just too many people!!! I requested Peter for a full canvass (Yes, paid extra). The canvass is black. Think it's used to mitigate the see thru' issue due to Fresco's translucent characteristic...
Ever thought of using a regular tie? Maybe just personal preference.
Happy New Year everyone!!! Here's a preview of Lee Baron & Y William Yu's work. Will post more when I've edited the rest! Lee Baron 2nd Fitting: Y William Yu 1st Fitting: Cheers, Prime
Hi all! Happy Holidays! It's been a while since my last posting. I've recently commissioned 1 suit with Lee Baron & another with Y William Yu. Thought it'll be good to share their recent work here & get some advise from you Gurus. Here goes: Lee Baron: I've just completed my basted fitting with Peter. It's a JJ Minnis Fresco, Navy Pinstripe for a summer suit suitable for the scorching Australian weather. The suit will be 2 buttoned & half lined, with High notch lapel...
More waist suppression perhaps....what fabric did u pick by the way? Juz my 2cents...
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