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Thanks Penfold! Will ensure the jacket covers my bum!
Dual Commission @ Y William Yu: 1 Non CMT (Grey) & one CMT (Blue)
AC's CMT has gone up from HKD 850 to HKD 1,100.......
How would you communicate the importance of high armhole to your tailors? Anyone has experience doing this in HK? It seems that a lot of tailors shy away from this sort of request.
FYI....Ascot Chang's CMT price has just gone up..
Hi there, Has anyone ever commissioned a bespoke Duffle Coat? Will be great if you could share your experience from selecting fabric to the experience with your tailor. Cheers, Prime
Thanks Bamboo! This is indeed a tricky one.....
Hi all, Has anyone tried commissioning a duffle coat with a tailor in HK ? Are they any good? Welcome all feedbacks, good or bad. Cheers, Prime
It's easier to judge if you could mask a pic and show your proportions. My gut feeling would be a wider notch lapel....peak is not for everyone Prime
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