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Quote: Very soft denim but big in the ass. I bought a pair a few months ago and will completely agree with this statement. I didn't notice it until I joined this forum and bought a pair of PD&C GTO's.
I think they are pretty cool, but what made them go for so much?
Quote: EXCELLENT reason to wear it. I absolutely agree. Send it to me. I don't mind pissing off some Sig Eps around my campus.
I just checked out the local Marshall's. They had nothing but 'Polo Jeans' clothing. I might check out another one tomorrow.
I think I have been to Marshall's maybe once. Where do they get their inventory? I thought I heard somewhere that their stuff is damaged? Or are you talking about Marshall Field's?
Quote: Crockett, they probably were. They were from a street vendor on a weekend trip to Strasbourg. Ah the life of a military brat. I remember a friend found some that were spelled that way. He gave them to me because I am a Ferrari fan. I laughed for about three hours when I saw them (they also folded up). He thought they were really made by Ferrari.
If they are for style, then I really wouldn't worry about it. Having lenses that are polarized simply reduces glare and strain on your eyes. My eyes are sort of bad, and getting worse (went to eye doctor today, he found an abrasion on my left cornea), so I like to have polarized lenses for driving. I really can't stress proper eye care enough. {rant mode} I went to buy prescription glasses today, and picked some out without having my contacts in. I think I made a big...
I am glad to see that I am not the only person on this board that was a skater with all the associated clothing. I still have a pair of my Alien Workshop jeans somewhere in a box (thought they don't fit). I also had a pair of Blind's that were made of brown canvas. I loved those pants. I used to come home from school every day and put them on (I also went to a high school where jeans were not allowed, so I sort of stopped wearing them during those four years). Then one day...
Whatever you buy, just make sure the lenses are polarized. Otherwise, the glasses are almost worthless for protection against the sun (assuming they are not just for fashion).
You might want to check out Persol's also.
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