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Seriously, if you like black suits, why would you care what a bunch of faceless people on the internet think about them? I have a black suit, like I'm sure many people here do too... you just don't see anyone else flailing around in defense of it and looking all psychotic in the process.
Vents, lined, material, extra material in sleeve, canvassed?
They all look fairly large on you. What's your height/weight if you don't mind us asking? I'm consistently a 42L and generally hope that my suits don't appear that baggy on me. Then again, I also own a black suit, so anything I say is heresy and the word of the devil.
Tis the truth. Of course, during the most recent Buy 1, get 1 suit free sale at Off 5th, the local one to me took most of their Isaia suits off the rack and presumably hid them in the back. There were at least 40-50 suits there the week before, and then voila, 6 suits remained. Was not all that thrilled with the move.
I still can' get over the fact that you're fitting in a 38. I'm 6'1, 200lbs, and would probably suffocate in a 40.
Little tip. The ladies at the gym are there to work out. They don't care about your grunting or what brand t-shirt you're wearing. The other men at the gym are there to work out. Unless you have a doppleganger, they probably don't care about your t-shirt either. I can't believe this is even a discussion. The lifecycle of a t-shirt is normal wear - weekend wear - gym shirt - oil/cleaning rag.
Final drop - now $290 shipped CONUS (paypal as gift or add 4%).
Final drop on this beautiful jacket. $290 shipped CONUS.* Paypal as gift or add 4%
Really like the look of the suit, and when the waistcoat is actually in stock, would love to have a 3-piece option. Price seems decent. Only detractor is no belt loops!! I'm a creature of habit, and I just don't know that I could wear suspenders. Hell, I don't even own a pair. Would lack of belt loops be a deal killer for anyone else, or am I that crazy?
The new format frightens me. Get off my lawn! Srsly though, is there a list of rules/FAQs somewhere for the new forum? Basic things like bumps for price reductions, etc.? I see a few rules listed, but then I see threads highlighted in yellow, replies to threads that don't bump the thread, etc. that have me scratching my head.
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