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How much do the oxford cloth rivets shrink? I got my usual size and they are about an inch large in the waist. My other rivets have all been through the dryer a few times and fit well but these seem a touch larger to start with than the others. Should I wash and dry and then tailor if necessary or exchange down a size?
I've got some money earmarked for a pair of the blue Oxford rivets. Is there an estimated date of a restock at all?
What's everyone doing with the bottoms of their flannel Rivets? Straight hem, cuffed, or rolled? I was thinking I would roll them but either way I need to get them to the tailor to take a bit off and avoid a massively thick roll.
I stopped by a JCrew store yesterday and tried to stack a college discount on top of the 25% and they wouldn't let me do it. Also said the sale didn't include suits. I ended up grabbing a cashmere sweater off their website, but probably would have grabbed some other stuff with the extra 15%.
So are we going to have a hockey season to watch in less than 2 months? I feel like Bettman and the rest of the major players in the league are just big enough assholes to have another lockout. It seems like the profitable teams want the players to subsidize the Jackets/Yotes/Preds/Lightning/etc continued existence rather than agree to any real revenue sharing.
If the dark pair you are referring to is the Plain Toe Boots, unless they changed them, mine are lighter than they look in the picture. They are a darker brown color but certainly not almost black. They come pretty heavily oiled and break in nicely and lighten up a little bit.
I got a couple of mediums in the mail yesterday. They definitely fit a lot better for a size 8.5 shoe than the smalls did. Can't see them at all with my Sperry's and bucks. Barely see them peak out at the ankle with my Alden's but if they shrink up a little in the wash that will go away. Thanks Ninja.
I think the Rangers won the Nash trade, but it will all depend on how well he performs on a team with expectations. Dubinsky and Anisimov outscored Nash last year for less money. With Semin still a free agent I'd argue you are probably better off and deeper offensively signing Semin and keeping the other two than just having Nash. But who knows what Semin's deal is. Him and Torts in the same locker room would probably be quality entertainment though. With Nash traded,...
I'm a little late to this conversation, but I don't think JCrew is all that strict about stuff being final sale. If you ordered a lot of items maybe that would change, but when I got their peacoat on final sale last Winter/Spring I called in to place the order and just asked if I could bring it back if the size wasn't right and they put a note on the order for me that I could return it if needed. So if you see something on final sale but aren't 100% on it, see if they...
The NHLPA should staple Shea Weber's offer sheet to the front of the leagues initial CBA proposal and send it back to them. The owners want players to get a smaller share of revenue, 5 year contract limits and delayed free agency. Then the Flyers throw out a 14 year offer sheet with a ton of money up front. Seems a little incongruous. I think Nashville pretty much has to match to stay relevant, but I don't know if you can afford to pay a guy that much money all at once...
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