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Are there more of the Saddle Tennis Trainers with the original sole coming or should I hop on the new lighter sole if I want that color?
Is anyone here interested in custom building guitars? My grandfather taught me some luthiery skills and I'm currently building my own steel string acoustic. I've started posting photos of my progress on my instagram at instagram.com/mdandyphoto . This is my first guitar I've ever made and had no previous playing experience either, but it's been a fun project. Here's the pile of wood I started with at the very beginning.
Any awesome outerwear coming up for fall/winter? I need to replace my everyday jacket pretty soon.
Went camping in George Washington National Forest a couple of weekends ago and took some pics. [[SPOILER]]
I just found out there's a photography thread! Awesome! I do product photography in Baltimore, photographing stuff like this: Sometimes wander around the city shooting stuff like this: And occasionally get out to travel and take photos like this: There's a lot of other stuff on my tumblr page.
Looking forward to some denim! Do we just order our same rivet chino size or do we need to do any sizing math?
Any new chino's coming down the line soon, or is that basically done for fall?
^ Those look sweet! So I just tore through the left knee of my Japanese Khaki rivets from a while back. Its about two inches straight across. Is there a good way to get that repaired? These were my first Epaulet pants and have been worn a ton of times, so if all else fails I can retire them from the work rotation and still get some use out of them, but I would like to repair them if I could. They are super soft and definitely one of my favorite items from Epaulet. ...
Awesome. Thanks NYI. Any reason I should make a stop back by the Manhattan store tomorrow or just go to Brooklyn since I'll be there already? I head out Sunday morning and would have been pretty much crushed if they were closed all weekend.
Hey can anyone tell me if Epaulet is closed for the holiday? I walked by the Manhattan store and it was closed and neither stores answered their phones. Sorry if this has been previously covered. Will be in Brooklyn tomorrow so hopefully they are open since I'm attempting my maiden Epaulet in person voyage.
New Posts  All Forums: