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Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoJohn Gents, I found a tie this morning that pulled the most beautiful Victoria knot with my English spread collar. Bear with me here b/c this is important (to me at least). Typically those won't work b/c the spread is so large and it's hard to get a knot wide enough to accommodate, but this one did today. It was like a silken serpent. The way it curved away towards my shoulder and then shot back to the middle again,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kischi I like the coat. It reminds me of Dan Akroyd's overcoat from the movie "Trading Places" - which was by the way shot in 1983. So maybe it's exactly the same coat. Nice reference
I think it would be perfect for those occasions. The chill out look I call it. LOL
As i stated, some will like it some will hate it. I'd say you can pull it off with those recommendations i gave you earlier. At the end of the day , do you like it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturlaut II "vendors to provide products at price points more in line with the current climate" That's probably the most important thing in the world now, and that - price points/value factor - is something we need to evaluate in our lifestyle. Lots of (luxury) goods we buy are at a steep premium, and for what? For its label, its pretentiousness, its prestige, etc.. This whole idea of adding skyhigh premium to luxury...
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid A wool trench coat? For some reason I just don't see what working in any circumstances. That particular coat is hideous. I concur
Quote: Originally Posted by Luddite I'm more concerned by the matching pinstriped shirt and the crotch-flap, myself. Priceless. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Buffet flies on a private jet so not to waste time. I wonder if he ever waits for a sale. A question if the shops cut back on what they stock [amount,sizes and colours] are you really going to wait for the sales? If you do will you find anything? I hate to state the obvious but the shops will be stocking less. I feel for those at either end of the size scale. Do your research, He Does wait. As for the...
I will be out with my line of fine neckwear (handmade, woven and sewn in England and pocketsquares this fall. We are currently sourcing our poketsquare fabric now. Any suggestions? Those interested send me a pm so I can keep you all posted. Be Well Senator
nice fit. I'm going to have to take a trip over there myself. Be Well
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