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48k construction management with bs in construction management from an SEC school in 2012.
So if I was content to wait 1 calendar year to get the best deal on a Beaufort jacket on the internet: Where would I get it? When would I get it? What price would it be?
Tons of hair gel will fix anything bro.
I have been wearing my new pair of kentwood ropers to work for the past 3 weeks. The boot is amazing but I am already thinking about getting a cobblers hands on the boot to install rubber soles on them. The leather is super impractical in Central Florida.
Auburn University B.S. in Building Science, May 2012 I'm tossing the idea around of turning down a couple of job offers and going to Georgia Tech for a masters in integrated project delivery systems.
Kind of sneaky shit when that same gear goes on sale for 50% 4 days later.
I switched to D&G The One and have had a ridiculous amount of female compliments.
6'4" 210
I dropped about 80lbs using this as one of my tools over a year. I've been putting lean mass on for about 3 months and still drink it after my workouts.
They were 200 from Nordstrom during their big summer sale. Ebay might be your best bet unless you want to wait 10 months for the next big summer sale.
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