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TTS - I'm a 9 in almost everything.
thanks - I think these are my next purchase.
are the slim rigids medium-rise? are they slim rather than skinny?just got Reville's Julian-made Bowery-look alikes, and trying to find a jean that looks good with them. I've haven't bought new jeans in years though - and been wearing the selvedge officer chinos almost everyday for the past year. Folks with Bowerys - what do you normally wear them with? What sort of jean fit do you think goes best w/ them?
are the jeans on the guy on the left (seated) the slim rigids?
There's something pretty depressing about most black leather jackets - but this one works well.
Didn't really wear them enough to tell, but I think they did around the ankle yeah.
waxed Mulholland Master
Is the McQueen line better, or just on par, with the regular Barbour line?
Worn this on and off for the last 2-3 months. Probably the single nicest garment I've ever worn, but I have to finally admit that it's a little big on me. I waxed it with Barbour Thornproof Dressing, following directions from Mister Freedom and Fedora Lounge. It took about 8 hours, but it worked perfectly - it keeps the rain out, and none of it seeped into the lining. It's given the coat an even color than it already had, and it'll only get better with age. Comes with the...
Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought some people in this lovely thread might want to know I'm selling a pair of Varicks, Sz 9, in the classifieds
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