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Didn't really wear them enough to tell, but I think they did around the ankle yeah.
waxed Mulholland Master
Is the McQueen line better, or just on par, with the regular Barbour line?
Worn this on and off for the last 2-3 months. Probably the single nicest garment I've ever worn, but I have to finally admit that it's a little big on me. I waxed it with Barbour Thornproof Dressing, following directions from Mister Freedom and Fedora Lounge. It took about 8 hours, but it worked perfectly - it keeps the rain out, and none of it seeped into the lining. It's given the coat an even color than it already had, and it'll only get better with age. Comes with the...
Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought some people in this lovely thread might want to know I'm selling a pair of Varicks, Sz 9, in the classifieds http://www.styleforum.net/t/295633/rrl-varick-boots-size-9/0_40
$500 --> $300 Worn this b/w 10-15x. Incredible quality - made by Julian in L.A. I just have bills to pay, and can't afford to keep these. I think the leather is Horween - and least that's what the Japanese sites say. Has the grease or whatever mark that all the Varicks have on the toebox - check the RRL thread for more information. It wears in with age - but if it really bothers you can easily get rid of it. Comes with the box, leather vamps, and two boot-bags (all...
I like this - nice modification of the traditional Harrington
Agree, these look good
hey I've been travelling - measurements are the same, will check the tagged size
selling my RRL donegal tweed vest - has the patchwork pattern on the back, chambray lining and the buttons with the wolf-heads... check the signature
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