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man i love this jacket
these are RRL suspenders right?
Slim, but not as slim as say the Western shirts
I wear my Mister Freedom suspenders quite a bit - most people smile when they see them. I'm in graduate school though - obviously an office environment would be different.
The RRL western shirts are considerably slimmer than others - I often have to get smalls in other brands, as well as in other type RRL shirting, but a medium western fits pretty perfectly. It's particularly slimmer in the waist area.
TTS - I'm a 9 in almost everything.
thanks - I think these are my next purchase.
are the slim rigids medium-rise? are they slim rather than skinny?just got Reville's Julian-made Bowery-look alikes, and trying to find a jean that looks good with them. I've haven't bought new jeans in years though - and been wearing the selvedge officer chinos almost everyday for the past year. Folks with Bowerys - what do you normally wear them with? What sort of jean fit do you think goes best w/ them?
are the jeans on the guy on the left (seated) the slim rigids?
There's something pretty depressing about most black leather jackets - but this one works well.
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