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This is one of my favorite pieces of clothing, but I can't wear it to court so it's gotta go. Brown belt with gold studs - purchased from the Chicago RRL store this spring. It's marked 78/274 on the back - only websites I've ever seen it on are Japanese. It's a size 32 - 39.5 in long and 2.75 wide.
love that jacket
this is beautiful. congrats!
I thought over time people said that it just wore in - as in it just fades into the patina.
for $360 I'll even throw in a pair of boots with the shoebags!
man i love this jacket
these are RRL suspenders right?
Slim, but not as slim as say the Western shirts
I wear my Mister Freedom suspenders quite a bit - most people smile when they see them. I'm in graduate school though - obviously an office environment would be different.
The RRL western shirts are considerably slimmer than others - I often have to get smalls in other brands, as well as in other type RRL shirting, but a medium western fits pretty perfectly. It's particularly slimmer in the waist area.
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