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Purchased this from Penelope's in Chicago. I love it but I've gained some weight. Made in Portugal, hanging loop in the back, placket with hidden button - all that good stuff. Hand washed a couple of times. P2P 20" Back 29" Shoulder 17.5" Arm 21"
that's like me and sweatpants
just put up an indigo bandana on buy/sell
Purchased this from Context over the summer and have never used this - it's just sat in the draw-string bag it came in. Here's the information from Context: 4.5 oz, 100% Cotton, Unwashed Fabric Origin: Japan Orange Selvedge 21" by 21" Made in New York City http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=3165
Agreed. The officer chinos just get bigger and bigger the more you wear them - and be ready to have to tailor the back as it'll start to look like a diaper.
If anyone is interested in a pair of the officer rigid chinos with some wear, let me know. Selling sz 32, purchased from Context last year.
FYI - I put up a pair of RRL striped suspenders on buy and sell.
I picked these up at the West Village RRL store this summer - they retail for over $170. Worn them once, but I can't wear them to court, and they're too nice to just sit in my closet, so they have to go. Let me know if you have any questions on them.
FYI - just put a nice RRL studded belt up on buy & sell.
This is one of my favorite pieces of clothing, but I can't wear it to court so it's gotta go. Brown belt with gold studs - purchased from the Chicago RRL store this spring. It's marked 78/274 on the back - only websites I've ever seen it on are Japanese. It's a size 32 - 39.5 in long and 2.75 wide.
New Posts  All Forums: