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Thanks. Is this true of all RRL suit jackets?
doesn't the anthony have some pretty serious shoulder padding?
Yea - it does sound rather tight.Thanks for the RLBL suggestion - any recommendation on what style? They're both made by Caruso right?
I'm in Chicago and can't try on any rrl suits right now - the measurements on this looks right (http://www.ebay.com/itm/RALPH-LAUREN-RRL-ITALY-WOOL-SUIT-42-R-pants-34-NWT-/221175771490) - any ideas for suits I could try on that might have the same fit/structure?
Does anyone have experience with RRL ties? It's a little unclear from the website where they're made. And what the measurements are. (I assume around 3 inches?)
Just saw this film for the first time, and was really struck by Ralph Meeker's attire - especially his jacket. I am relatively new to traditional menswear - can anyone describe the style and fit of what he's wearing? It seems boxier than most jackets you see today, and he manages to wear a thin(ish) tie without looking silly- something that most people wearing Band of Outsiders aren't able to pull off. Also - some padding at the shoulder but not too much, right? Any...
Purchased these and they sent the wrong size- trying to sell for cost and not have to ship them back to France. They're beautifully made. "Oxford Court" style blue. Made in France. Front logo patch. Adjustable snap waist tabs. One zipped and one open pocket. Gold hardware. 94% polyamide, 6% elastance. Measurements from Mr Porter (where they sell for $270): Waist 34; Inside Leg 2.5; Rise 11.5; Outside Leg 12
PRICE DROP $90->$80->$70->$65 Received this as a Christmas gift and have not used it. Really beautiful leather and nice sized compartments. Retails at $148. This is the official information "Genuine leather with double zip. Two separate interior compartments with a zipper pocket. Polyester navy diagonal lining. Outside zipper pocket. Imported." More info and better pictures here:...
Hey - anyone know where I can pick these up right now? Can't find many suppliers in the U.S.
The first couple of Bowerys were made by Julian Boots in L.A. - but they current crop are made in England.
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