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Any suggestions on a similar style/fit to the pictured suit would be greatly appreciated.
Wonderful. Thanks so much.
Hey - I think this is a Caruso tag. Any thoughts?
Ah - good idea, but doesn't look like there is much on caruso in that thread. Thank you though.
Ended up purchasing the RRL suit discussed a few pages back. Question on it - it's obviously from an older collection, have RRL suits always been made by Caruso? It just says "made in italy"
Purchased these and they sent the wrong size- trying to sell for cost and not have to ship them back to France. They're beautifully made. "Oxford Court" style blue. Made in France. Front logo patch. Adjustable snap waist tabs. One zipped and one open pocket. Gold hardware. 94% polyamide, 6% elastance. Measurements from Mr Porter (where they sell for $270): Waist 34; Inside Leg 2.5; Rise 11.5; Outside Leg 12 More info from Mr Porter:...
Thanks. Is this true of all RRL suit jackets?
doesn't the anthony have some pretty serious shoulder padding?
Yea - it does sound rather tight.Thanks for the RLBL suggestion - any recommendation on what style? They're both made by Caruso right?
I'm in Chicago and can't try on any rrl suits right now - the measurements on this looks right ( - any ideas for suits I could try on that might have the same fit/structure?
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