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I have a conundrum that I could use some help with: I am interested in a particular cut: natural shoulder, lower button stance, nipped waist, side-tab trousers, etc. I have about $1.5K to spend on a suit. I am a young attorney, and need to get quite a lot of wear out of the thing, meaning that I need to choose a conservative and somewhat forgettable fabric. Obviously, this is the sort of cut that Steed is known for. However, with my budget I would only be able to get...
This isn't the new, short peacoat that he designed for James Bond or whatever - this is his full-length peacoat from last year. I purchased it at Bloomingdales and wore it for about a month or two. Over the year I've gained weight and it's too tight. Oh well. It's double breasted coat with a notch collar, two front flap pockets, two hand-warmer chest pockets and leather trim at the collar and the inside pockets. It also has a hook-and-bar chin closure and an interior...
New to Hober and interested in getting some grenadines. Are there any advantages to getting a grenadine from Drakes? Am I losing anything at all? Or just paying twice as much for a very very similar product? Thanks all.
PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.
Resurrecting a beyond dead thread here, but does anyone know when/if staple blue label suits generally go on sale?
About as staple as they come. Purchased this a year ago for interviews - ended up wearing it about six times. I've put on some weight/muscle over that time and now it doesn't fit very well in the shoulders. Comes with 32W pants. Only tailoring was done by the in-house BB tailor, who nipped the waist in every so slightly, and hemmed the pants. Comes with the BB hanger and suitbag. If you're in Chicago and you want to try it on, let me know. $500 -> $475->$450 More...
Ah - didn't realize they got that low - that's a different story.
Yeah but even at 50% off that's a lot to pay for half-canvas
$1.5K for half-canvassed? Yikes
Two quick questions: Who's the Polo I made by? And is it fully canvassed? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13233031&cp=1760781.1766339&ab=ln_men_cs1_suits&parentPage=family
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