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About as staple as they come. Purchased this a year ago for interviews - ended up wearing it about six times. I've put on some weight/muscle over that time and now it doesn't fit very well in the shoulders. Comes with 32W pants. Only tailoring was done by the in-house BB tailor, who nipped the waist in every so slightly, and hemmed the pants. Comes with the BB hanger and suitbag. If you're in Chicago and you want to try it on, let me know. $500 -> $475->$450 More...
Ah - didn't realize they got that low - that's a different story.
Yeah but even at 50% off that's a lot to pay for half-canvas
$1.5K for half-canvassed? Yikes
Two quick questions: Who's the Polo I made by? And is it fully canvassed? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13233031&cp=1760781.1766339&ab=ln_men_cs1_suits&parentPage=family
Any suggestions on a similar style/fit to the pictured suit would be greatly appreciated.
Wonderful. Thanks so much.
Hey - I think this is a Caruso tag. Any thoughts?
Ah - good idea, but doesn't look like there is much on caruso in that thread. Thank you though.
Ended up purchasing the RRL suit discussed a few pages back. Question on it - it's obviously from an older collection, have RRL suits always been made by Caruso? It just says "made in italy"
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