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Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt Maybe someone else will correct me, but it looks like you may have a sleeve pitch issue in addition to the fullness of the sleeve. I feel like the shoulders actually fit fine, but the boxy sleeves give the false first-thought that you could go down a size. Personally, this would be a return. what is a sleeve pitch? is there no way to tailor the sleeves down?
you mean if it looks like something watercolored my body like a SI swimsuit model? yea, camera on the ipad is awful.
Yea it is one size smaller - JCrew seems to come pretty big. It does look a tad big, and you might be right about the posture, but I can't imagine getting a smaller size.
hadn't noticed that but you're right - especially around the forearm. thanks for the help.
Could still return it - what do you think? What work does it need? Bought a size smaller than I normally do. Keeping the vent uncut just in case I need to return. Suit is the Billy Reid for J Crew. Sorry for the awful quality of the pics.
Let me know - interested in pretty much any style.
Bump again for $ off
A recent purchase that is a little too big. beautiful though. brown tweed in herringbone. Size M Chest is 44", S to S 18", Sleeves 26", Length (excluding collar) 39.5" $170
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