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Is Golden Needle cheaper than the various Oak St stores?
Quote: Originally Posted by apolishedman need a better shot of the pants, but there is some weird bunching going on there. also, the sleeves should be shortened slightly so that you can get show some cuff. you're also right about the boxy-ness of the sleeves... they look too big. not sure if that is from the way they were folded during shipping or not - but there does seem to be quite a bit of excess fabric. It feels like JCrew did some...
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt My guess is your tailor will charge two different prices. Doesn't hurt to ask. To my untrained eye, the wrinkles at the top are signs of pitch. If you bend your elbow and rotate your arm forward a little more, it may disappear. Unfortunately, that's not where your arms naturally hang. The bigger question is do you want to spend money at the tailor. It's definitely wearable, I just feel like for the price...
it looks grey to the eye. it was also $200 on eBay.
ok - - answers that question. is the problem just in the wrinkles along the top of the arm? would fixing the fullness of the sleeves do anything to solve that problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt Maybe someone else will correct me, but it looks like you may have a sleeve pitch issue in addition to the fullness of the sleeve. I feel like the shoulders actually fit fine, but the boxy sleeves give the false first-thought that you could go down a size. Personally, this would be a return. what is a sleeve pitch? is there no way to tailor the sleeves down?
you mean if it looks like something watercolored my body like a SI swimsuit model? yea, camera on the ipad is awful.
Yea it is one size smaller - JCrew seems to come pretty big. It does look a tad big, and you might be right about the posture, but I can't imagine getting a smaller size.
hadn't noticed that but you're right - especially around the forearm. thanks for the help.
Could still return it - what do you think? What work does it need? Bought a size smaller than I normally do. Keeping the vent uncut just in case I need to return. Suit is the Billy Reid for J Crew. Sorry for the awful quality of the pics.
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