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Hey - can anyone help me identify what style/cut of Polo suit this is? It's 3B with side vents.
Let me know - thanks.
Really love it, but I've got a bit too big for this. Perfect for summer weddings, and can certainly be used as separate jacket and pants. Jacket is 38R, pants are 32W and 32L. Jacket is three button. Pants have suspender buttons and side tabs. I'm moving next week, so this is priced to move. Jacket Chest: 20 Waist: 18.5 Sleeve: 24.5 Shoulder:17.75 Trousers Waist: 16.5 Length: 40.4 $100 -> $80
Polo III model, made in Italy by Corneliani. Purchased this from another SF member but the fit doesn't quite work for me. It's a beautiful suit with a hard to find details on an OTR. It's in great condition - no signs of wear. I'm moving next week and I'd like to sell this before I leave - as a result I am selling it for less than I purchased it for. The cloth is a light-medium weight flannel, 90% wool 10% cashmere, in navy with a thin silver/gray pinstripe and a very...
Thanks.One more question on Steed - I know Derek has said that it is a good cut for those without, paraphrasing his words here, "Olympian figures." I'm not to that level, but I am relatively muscular. Is there any reason the Steed house style wouldn't also look good on someone with that figure?
Since I'm moving soon I haven't tried any of the others. Sorry - good luck.
Not arguing with the fact that she knows what she's doing, saying that for the money I, personally, would like a little expertise in fit. Even when I come in knowing what I want done, there's still the question of exactly how much has to be done to fix the problem, and that's the area where I like a little more input. For somebody with much more expertise than me she might be perfect. But for me her process doesn't make much sense.
I have my doubts about Golden Needle. Maria seems focused on women's clothing, and basically just wants you to tell her exactly what you want done on a suit without giving any input/advice/suggestions. To me, that's not really what I'm looking for, as while I have my thoughts and my likes and dislikes I'm not a tailor. Having a tailor that is reticent to give any feedback seems to defeat the purpose - at least when you're paying high prices for their services.Also, while I...
By "chest roll" I meant an extra fold of fabric in the upper corner of the chest towards the shoulder - as in a piece of fabric that is bigger than my chest because of the extra width necessary in the shoulders.I hear you on the frequency of wear issue. I can keep the suit posted in my signature, though the fit is iffy, and get some use out of that.Thanks again.
Thanks for the advice. Just for clarification: the tailor at PS thought that the chest fold could be easily fixed (though I'm not so sure of that myself). However, even were that the case, the cut still isn't exactly what I'm looking for (button stance still somewhat high, etc). So all in all, barring some odd disaster, the better fitted garment would almost certainly be the Steed MTM, right?One other point on the wear - I would probably be wearing the suit 3x/week for 12...
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