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Since I'm moving soon I haven't tried any of the others. Sorry - good luck.
Not arguing with the fact that she knows what she's doing, saying that for the money I, personally, would like a little expertise in fit. Even when I come in knowing what I want done, there's still the question of exactly how much has to be done to fix the problem, and that's the area where I like a little more input. For somebody with much more expertise than me she might be perfect. But for me her process doesn't make much sense.
I have my doubts about Golden Needle. Maria seems focused on women's clothing, and basically just wants you to tell her exactly what you want done on a suit without giving any input/advice/suggestions. To me, that's not really what I'm looking for, as while I have my thoughts and my likes and dislikes I'm not a tailor. Having a tailor that is reticent to give any feedback seems to defeat the purpose - at least when you're paying high prices for their services.Also, while I...
By "chest roll" I meant an extra fold of fabric in the upper corner of the chest towards the shoulder - as in a piece of fabric that is bigger than my chest because of the extra width necessary in the shoulders.I hear you on the frequency of wear issue. I can keep the suit posted in my signature, though the fit is iffy, and get some use out of that.Thanks again.
Thanks for the advice. Just for clarification: the tailor at PS thought that the chest fold could be easily fixed (though I'm not so sure of that myself). However, even were that the case, the cut still isn't exactly what I'm looking for (button stance still somewhat high, etc). So all in all, barring some odd disaster, the better fitted garment would almost certainly be the Steed MTM, right?One other point on the wear - I would probably be wearing the suit 3x/week for 12...
I have a conundrum that I could use some help with: I am interested in a particular cut: natural shoulder, lower button stance, nipped waist, side-tab trousers, etc. I have about $1.5K to spend on a suit. I am a young attorney, and need to get quite a lot of wear out of the thing, meaning that I need to choose a conservative and somewhat forgettable fabric. Obviously, this is the sort of cut that Steed is known for. However, with my budget I would only be able to get...
This isn't the new, short peacoat that he designed for James Bond or whatever - this is his full-length peacoat from last year. I purchased it at Bloomingdales and wore it for about a month or two. Over the year I've gained weight and it's too tight. Oh well. It's double breasted coat with a notch collar, two front flap pockets, two hand-warmer chest pockets and leather trim at the collar and the inside pockets. It also has a hook-and-bar chin closure and an interior...
New to Hober and interested in getting some grenadines. Are there any advantages to getting a grenadine from Drakes? Am I losing anything at all? Or just paying twice as much for a very very similar product? Thanks all.
PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.
Resurrecting a beyond dead thread here, but does anyone know when/if staple blue label suits generally go on sale?
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