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$100 -> $70 Beautiful Self Edge modified A/O sunglasses. Worn a couple of times. Incredibly unique - way more interesting than aviators. From Self Edge (http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=944) Dead-stock American Optical Sunglasses Bath Dyed Blue by Hand Sandblasted Frame Real Glass Dead-stock Lenses Custom Zip Stevenson Leather Case (Made in LA) 50 (M) = 5.8" Wide / 5.75" Arm / 1.8" Tall
Retailed for $925. Size Medium. Asking for $300 -> $275 -> $250 -> $220 Got this last year from Unionmade. Brushed a couple of times with suede brush. Never worn in the rain. Not a smoker. Beautiful to the touch and still has that suede smell. Some normal wear to the wrists and towards the bottom hem; I've taken photos of those portions. Let me know if you want more info or pictures. Definitely a statement piece. Info from End Clothing: "Taken from their rich back...
thought i had included that one - sorry!
are these definitely made by C&J for RL?
ebay has some one every now and then - otherwise I suppose proxies from New York.
You're right, edited.
If you email them they'll send you pictures of their stock. They run about $150 - same as RRL (but obviously without the sales).
Shawl collar pullover sweater detailed with besom chest pocket and leather button loops. 100% cotton. I've worn it a couple of times but it's always been too small. Really intricate, unique piece, but not one that overwhelms an outfit when you're using it to layer. Chest - 19 inches. Shoulder - 17 inches. $60 -> $50 -> $40 -> $30
I've had mixed experiences with RRL suspenders. In general the best I've ever had are from Mister Freedom - they still have stock in three or four varieties. They stay up on my shoulders much better, and are just more solidly made so they don't flip themselves inside out throughout the day.
$400 -> $375 -> $350 -> $300 -> $275 -> $240 -> $200 Beautiful RRL (Concept 3) suit made by Caruso. Tan check that would be perfect for summer. Jacket is a 42R. 3-roll-2 buttoning. Two patch pockets on the front. 18.75in across the shoulders, length 29.5 inches, 22 inches across the chest. Jacket is $900 when sold separately. Pants are 34. Split back in case you want to wear them with suspenders (buttons on the inside). Bottom is unfinished for easy hemming. Also a...
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