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thanks man, i purchased some CT shirts. i will see how they fit and move forward from there.
any recommendations for the above questions? thanks.
guys ive been reading up on some different threads.. i just ordered my first TaT suit and i am really excited. I ordered the navy sharkskin. Ill be attending a wedding reception. my build is 5'8" 145#. i have a little gut and muffin top, regular skinny asian build otherwise. Will it make sense to look for a slim fit shirt for my suit? 14.5/32 is what i like, TIA!
can someone please tell me what color navy the gentleman is wearing on page 236? TIA
i appreciate your thoughts. ill look into 1 navy and 1 charcoal, thanks again.
Hello all, this is my first post here at SF. Ive read through some very informative threads. I have a couple weddings to go to in the next month. I am interested in TaT suits. The reason for the suits would be during the reception at night. I was looking into opinions on colors, and if i should go with a solid or pinstripe suit. I really like a dark and light charcoal, as well as a light grey. not sure if light is an appropriate color though. please chime in with...
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