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i received my GS 6146-8000. here is a pic with it on. I did not buy one that was polished, the crystal is scratched, but i think it adds a nice vintage look to it. it is 43 years old after all
bhall - very nice GS.. i am getting my first GS, a vintage 6146. I should receive it by Thursday and i cannot wait! They sure are beautiful pieces!
i believe you have a two year warranty. find your warranty card and take it into an AD. they will send it to rolex in dallas, or you can use rolex in dallas directly. gl
i received my purple gingham dress shirt. looks great! i was looking for an opinion from members on what color tie i should wear with a dark gray mohair suit? tia. i don't plan on buttoning the jacket, not too formal, just a night on the town.
i would not get a watch from ebay or a thrift store unless you are wanting a very rare piece that you cannot find otherwise. try timezone or watchuseek. there are PLENTY of seikos for sale.
Yes mine also tops out at 40. iirc, that is what the watch is supposed to do.i am wondering the same thing, i have not tried showering with it on. information on the watches are a little scarce.
Yea it is not bad for $60. Automatic movement is pretty good at 21600 bph. my wrist is about 6.25 inches. definitely a little too big but i wear it as a beater.
here is my Parnis chronometer, i got it a couple weeks ago. looks great! i got the date dial non chrono as well. both are keeping great time. it is a little big on my wrist. i plan on getting a vintage Grand Seiko as my grail watch in the very near future! 
i have read through pages and reviews of MT, and i am pretty interested in their offerings. i purchased their swatch book to see how the quality is. i was wondering if someone can tell me how they compare to the likings of nordstrom brand as far as quality goes? they have a lot of $50-60 shirts which is how much nordstom generally charges for their shirts so id like to get an opinion from you guys, thank in advance!
iirc, zara doesnt have an online store.
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