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im reminded of Chaz in wedding crashers, "good, more for me and you!"
Their spring drive movement is unrivaled. There is a certain hang up with the brand, which is perfectly fine, though their watches are amazing and the best bang for your buck
i adore the portofino! youll love the white face dial on this watch!
here is an updated pic of my GS. i got the acrylic polished, most of the scratches are out. there is little patina near the 2 hour marker. the movement and sweep alone has made me love this watch.
I agree with you 100%. i was just sharing my opinion with the OP. i wouldnt brand a persons personality by the watch they wear. heck.... i have two parnis watches and i wear them everyday:slayer:
i have always liked Tag, but maybe there is no love here:D
or go with Hamilton as the gentleman stated Go with what you like. I was looking at Tags, Tissots, Omegas, and ended up with a vintage Grand Seiko. I could not be any happier.
bhal, thanks!It has been overhauled last month. My watchmaker will polish just the crystal for me. I did not want to polish the case as id rather let the 43 years of nicks be. that picture doesnt really do the watch justice as it looks like there is water damage on the dial but it is not the case. I will have it polished by today hopefully and upload another pic I am very lucky that the dial and all parts are original. I purchased from a collector in China who had great...
i would look into something from Tag if you can look into something in the 2000-25000 price range.
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