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Thanks for this info! Coupon works great!
I ended up getting black in 8.5D.I was contemplating between these and Strands but the price never came down in Strands. Overall i like them. I just got them today so i can post some pics after work
I got my Mcallisters i ordered from amazon when they had their 20% a few styles last week. I got my size and color and for a little over $200 shipped. Firsts and brand new i feel i got a great deal.
i did the exact same thing as you. if they seem worn or used at all i will definitely send them back as they offer free returns.
wow i did not know it would be this difficult to get an answer. I plan on getting mtm shirts in the long run but i wanted to order a xs shirt from them as well. is it possible to get an answer? tia
i just wanted to compare the sizes, i plan on getting mtm shirts from them. regardless i just wanted an answer to my question if anyone knew
does anyone know how their xs in slim fit sizes up against zara slim fit or other slim fit shirts in small? thanks
does anyone know if i can send them a physical shirt from which they can take measurements from? Does anyone recommend doing that or no?
Do you just have one sweater style in XS? What else do you have in XS? Thanks
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