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2008 Lan Crianza.This wonderful cold and flu season got the best of me this weekend, but I have a few bottles that I'm looking forward to trying once I feel better.I've found a lot of great value in the Southern Rhone too. $15 will usually get you a nice wine that doesn't taste like a fruit bomb. I've been going through different old world regions at the $15 price point, and so far Southern Rhone has been the winner. It's been a fun experiment!
Had a 2008 Lan last night. I really enjoyed it. Much more balanced, and not at all jammy. I think I've hit on a winner in my budget friendly Spanish wine search.
Didn't mean to do any of this I was just pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed it. I'm pretty entry level in wine knowledge at the moment, and am trying to explore different regions. On a bit of a Spanish kick right now, so we'll see what the weekend brings.
Had this last night. I thought it had too much wood at first, but once it opened lots of vanilla and black fruit. It's not exactly subtle, but for $15 it met my expectations. I see there's a good number of fellow Canadians in this thread. I had a 2007 Stratus Red on the weekend that I really enjoyed. For my money I don't think I've had a better Ontario red, even if though it's overpriced at $45.
Despos posted about this in one of the tailor threads. It can be done, but is difficult.
It seems to me that there are basically 2 examples that pop up in these kinds of discussions. There's those that just don't care (velcro sandals at a wedding for example) and those that have a complete lack of self awareness. Not much can be done about the former (can't make someone care about how they look) but the latter is a different story. How much improvement would there be if people looked in the mirror before stepping outside? Or in a not unrelated note, how much...
Nomos Glashutte has a lot of watches in sub $5K price point. Not really any dive watches, but in-house movements and nice, clean design. Also Horween Leather straps
Halifax can be a lot of fun. Lots of bars and pubs in the downtown, and a generally more hospitable atmosphere than Calgary. Despite its smaller size Halifax is still a port city, with port city problems; which is to say I wouldn't want to veer too far from the downtown core after dark. Calgary has lots of money and lots of attitude, but is a short drive to some pretty spectacular sites. Like others have said, it depends what you're into.
I think TAG has developed a reputation of being a lazy manufacturer. once you look past the marketing, there really isn't that much there. A lot of watch buying (and really anything else on this forum) has to do with how much importance you assign to different characteristics. For me, mechanical over quartz, and in house over stock movement. I marvel at the engineering of a mechanical movement, and when a maker takes the time to develop something they can call their own...
I like Brax for casual pants.
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