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Bump for Black denim jeans with Resin wash. Sexy as fuuu. Where to kop?
1. the S001 and S002 refer to their cuts. It doesn't necessarily mean it's MIJ. Yes. S would be for Selvedge if I'm not mistaken. You can always just look at the cuff to verify.2. I did not size down on mine BUT they did stretch maybe an inch or an inch and a half over time.. but it doesn't bother me cause I always wear a belt anyway.3. Yes. Uniqlo's stretch out overtime and they do not stretch back down after a wash. At least mine didn't.hope that helped
how does Uniqlo compare to Lands End, American Apparel and J. Crew quality? I am in need of buying basic T's, and basic short sleeved polo's and I'm planning on getting A LOT. About 20 shirts as they will be my everyday casual wear. As of now, I have about 5 SS Polo's from Uniqlo and I really like the fit but if the other brands are better in terms of quality then I just might switch.
My Uniqlo S001 are about to die out. I'm starting on my Nudie Average Joe's. I have to buy a new pair. Budget is about $200. Which is better, 3Sixteen or APC's?
J. Crew is on sale and I'm about to buy these shirts. Very cheap for J.Crew. You guys decide if I should get them. Will be worn tucked out with Raw Denims or Light Brown Chinos with Desert boots. Still can't afford CP's. All of them are Slim Fit. I get all 3 shirts plus a pair of socks for $91 shipped. What do you guys think? Should I cop? I'm kinda new to building my wardrobe.
I've been lusting over some brown leather chukkas and this is the closest thing i can get here in the Philippines. Should I cop? I'll be wearing them with my raw denims 75% of the time, and maybe some light brown chinos here and there. What do you guys think?
I'm actually leaning towards the desert boots as well cause they're kinda casual. I'm planning to get them in a beeswax kinda leather. I'm just a little worried as how it will fit with my slim fit trousers. There might be too much stacks. Also not a fan of cuffing my pants up.
Hey guys. I want to buy a pair of chino's since i'm getting tired of wearing denims ALL THE TIME. Khaki colored ones first then maybe I venture to other colors in the future. I tried on the Uniqlo Vintage Flat Front Slim Fit chino's the other day and they fit great, except for the length but i can have it hemmed. I just need new shoes to go with them cause all I have are black loafers and black dress oxfords. and IMO, they don't fit black shoes very well so I'm thinking...
Where can I buy Desert Boots in Beeswax leather with the Leather sole? The Crepe soles make it look super cheesy IMO.
dammit. I need more outdoor activities. Haha!
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