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Don't worry, some gas won't hurt your denimz. Any smell will be gone in a week. A dirty shame, too... it makes a fine cologne for attracting surly tattoo'd wenches with strange bedroom practices.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Benson Some pics of my fav pair of jeans pixz Saw this and thought it was xchen, fo sho. What are the threads?
I pledge to act my true penis size.
Yeah, the air underneath will still be cold in cold weather. I figure it will get me off the earth, decreasing heat loss from that heat sink; it will decrease weight compared to a tent; and I won't have to worry about a rolled tarp underneath for rain. Let the research commence!
Depends on your budget and what you shoot. The fixed ('prime') 50mm 1.8 or 1.4 will allow for great portraits and low-light shooting. The 18-55 zoom will serve as a good 'walk-around' lens to grab shots in most typical situations. Next up depends on what you. I'm in that exact situation, and am considering picking up the 70-300mm zoom lens, since I shoot a lot of stuff from far away. The image stabilized version runs ~$510, and the non-IS version runs ~$140.
The 1.8 is the f-stop of the lens, how 'fast' it is so to speak. The smaller that number, the wider the aperture can be held open (since it's actually f/1.8). The wider the aperture, the more narrow depth of field. Basically, the wider the aperture, the more blur in the background of the picture.
Recently, I've decided I wanted to get into bike camping/touring. This made me reconsider any gear I had, and its room and weight. I've always been a tent kinda guy, but apparently a lot of guys use hammocks to get off the ground. Seems extremely practical; anyone have any experience?
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