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Quote: Originally Posted by JordanB Thanks. Do you know if they pick up and deliver? They do pick up and delivery. I'm not sure if they go to all parts of NYC. Give them a call.
JordanB - You may want to try Union Cleaners on 15th. Street between Fifth and Sixth. Very good hand pressed shirts for $4.25. Excellent dry cleaning of suit/pant/sport coat at a reasonable cost. Also, good customer service.
Bic - How do you schedule an appointment with KS for his NY trip?
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Gabs are great for trousers and an occasional suit. They come in different weights, 8 ounce on the light side to 13 -14 ounce. They work best in lighter colors, mostly tan, that will not shine as quickly. It is very rare to find gabardine in RTW trousers. The term may be applied loosely to describe the weave or finish and not be a true gabardine. I don't think they run warm for summer wear but it depends on the...
I believe the first pair is currently $3,700 which includes a charge for the last. Subsequent shoes are priced about $400 less. Concerning styling and workmanship, I find the Ercolino shoe is on par with Cleverly & GG. I wear both. However, on fit my Ercolino bespoke far exceed the other makers, even Lobb Paris. You should have no trouble finding an English style black punch cap oxford from Perry. Good luck.
Though Flusser is a stylish dandy he needs to practice what he preaches. Cantabrigian is correct that Flusser's collar style does not "suit" him.
I wear ALex Kabbaz shirts and can speak for tbe highest level of fit and construction as well as superior customer service. It makes no sense to compare the price of an AK shirt with that of a European maker. Comparason should be with the other US maker. I have shirts made by Paris and Geneva. Good shirts -- Not great. The biggest problem IMO and that of my friends is that there is a consistency issue with both of these makers. Wrong fabric delivered, wrong collar...
It's a good looking shoe. You'll enjoy it.
James48- You can't go wrong with giving CEGO a try. Carl has made me more than 2 dozen shirts over last few years. These shirts fit and look as good as shirts made for me by Geneva or Paris custom shirtmakers. In addition, service has been top notch.
I can not tell you if the "cost justifies the product". I can tell you the Siviglia shirt is top rate; i.e., the collar design, the construction of the collar and cuff, coupled with a great fit, make this a truly beautiful product. They also offer fabrics from Riva and other mills that are not available from the usual sources in the U.S.
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