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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro buttons are being sewn now. I will get ALL the other colors early to mid next week. In BD and AD. What's the word on the new shirts?
I find that WvG shirts fit slightly better than BoO.
Quote: Originally Posted by birdsg do not want Ditto
If anyone is looking for Creed GIT or MI take a look here. Paul is a standup guy looking for people to split a couple bottles with. Great deal at $50 for 60mL shipped! That's LESS than a dollar a milleliter. Here's what jaba says on Basenotes: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments? Here's my share in experiece. "GIT - never fails to garner attention. One time I was at a strip club, I was making my way to the restroom and this hot pretty faced...
Quote: Originally Posted by freewilliee Thanks, great guy..didnt know ppl online could be this nice without tryin to make a buck or two How's the shirt??
Quote: Originally Posted by hobo_ken You can only use student discount on full price items, but I heard if you purchased a final sale item + a regular priced item, the student discount would apply to the total order. Not true. I bought a Final Sale shirt and a new sweater. Only the sweater was discounted.
Quote: Originally Posted by freewilliee yes! if you can get me it in small that would be great. please let me know how you want to proceed Done!
Quote: Originally Posted by freewilliee i regret not gettin the plantation madras in small when i saw it on sale for 27.99 last week..anyone able to get one for me? ill be glad to add extra $$ through paypal for it.. They have 3 at the J.Crew near me. $39.99 minus 20%, no tax. You want one?
Le Labo Rose 31
I love my laceless Top-Siders!
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