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Can someone PM me the holiday toteholder code?
The sole may be stiff and rigid. It may flex more with wear.
I assume shipping is included in the prices?
Is the belt black or brown?
I got the loop terry hoody from a local shop. It is not as warm as the Tiger Fleece. It sheds some, even after a wash. Because the fabric is more stretchy it fits me where as a TF does not stretch at all and won't fit me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro Believe it's their way of saying it's a french terry rather than fleece lined sweatshirt. Supposedly thicker as well. So are you saying that the loop is thicker than the Tiger Fleece?
How are the Tiger Fleece hoodies this season? Fit? The black color looks like it's striped and doesn't look good. At least that's the one on Need Supply's website.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro buttons are being sewn now. I will get ALL the other colors early to mid next week. In BD and AD. What's the word on the new shirts?
I find that WvG shirts fit slightly better than BoO.
Quote: Originally Posted by birdsg do not want Ditto
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