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Quote: Originally Posted by infinitehalves Hi, Just to confirm - the larger decant is EDT but the smaller ones are EDP, correct? You are correct sir
Price drops
I don't wear these and I want to get them out there to someone that can use them. Priced low to sell fast. If you know Epaulet Walt trousers you know this is a super deal! All worn once or twice at most. $45/ea - free shipping - Paypal accepted - no shipping outside of US Measurements from Epaulet website: Waist: 33" Thigh: 12" Leg opening: 8" Rise: 12.5" Inseam: varies, see below Cherry Red Cord (31" inseam): Tan Moleskin (32" inseam):...
Price lowered on blue shirt
By Kilian - Straight To Heaven 30ml EDT decant Now on Ebay By Kilian - Straight To Heaven EDP 4 x 7.5ml (total 30ml) Now on Ebay
Spurr button-front shirts - Brand New With Tags Gray striped SOLD (Retail is $230) free shipping - no shipping outside the US Size: medium Measurements Chest: 21" Shoulders: 17.00" Sleeve: 25.5" Length BOC: 29.75 This shirt is fitted. Nicely tapered aswell. The fabric and cut is amazing. You all know that Simon Spurr's line is top-notch. Price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping for the United States. Blue striped $OLD free shipping...
LoneRover bought jeans from me. Good buyer. Props to LoneRover. Thanks man!
KMW Kicking Mule Workshop 1980 raw denim jeans 32x32
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