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What's going on with the Vanson leather jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Thanks Shasta, it's been a pleasure! One day I'm coming to Minneapolis, and we're hitting up Nye's Polonaise something fierce. When you come to Minneapolis you better contact me!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Posted this in the APC thread but didn't get a response.... I thrifted these New Standards and I believe they have been soaked once. They are size 30. Based on pics, do these look like they're the correct size for me? They are pretty much painted on in the seat, and they are pulling apart just a bit at the buttons up front. Too small, or will they stretch to a decent fitting? Did you try posting in the "I...
What is are the rises on the size 32 Olive?
Will the buttons be customizable also?
Quote: Originally Posted by otter Excuse my ignorance, but would throwing jeans in a dryer cause some loss in indigo! Can you rephrase this?
Quote: Originally Posted by 5tan Any asian males with a small nose bridge wear Ray Ban aviators? I tried on a pair today and noticed they basically fall off my face with the display model. I know the nose pins can be adjusted, but I think they would have to be pulled put away from the frame and I think it might (probably would) look weird. Anyone have thoughts or able to combat this issue? Need a pair of aviators this summer, dont feel like wearing...
^ I'm not sure that a white Dry Clean Only pant is a good idea...?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap Is there a good alternative to Acqua Di Gio? It's a great scent for summer... but everyone wears it. Azzaro Chrome is a excellent Summer scent!
Is the Olive color the same as the Jalapeno swatch that's on the blog?
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