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Quote: Originally Posted by APK Order placed. Sized up one based on the thigh measurement and to avoid the dreaded surplus ass fabric flaw. Mauro, how much has the waist stretched on your most worn pair? Also, how much shrinkage should we expect with the inseam? I also sized up one.
All is in order. Chinos on their way! Hell ya!!!!
Okay I got a reply from Payman. Looks like the free shipping offer is over. Crap!!!!
Is there a way to place a order for the chinos today and have them ship out today? I sent a reply email to shopfarinellis@gmail.com that I got from Payman. It sounds like the only way to order them is to wait for them to go on the webstore or ask for a Paypal invoice. But that won't be until late tonight. Response times from email coorespondence takes way too long.
Has anyone else heard that Germans wear red on St. Patrick's Day?
Why is there a piece of fabric in the right side front pocket of the trousers that I have purchased? Does it mean something? Am I supposed to hang onto it?
Quote: Originally Posted by raginberriodoom Hey Mike, can you put me down on the list too? I'd like to know when those arrive. Add me too please! For the Sperrys.
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho I sized up one and everyone I've talked to has sized up one, so that's the way to go! How can I order a pair of chinos? Last night I sent a email to shopfarinellis@gmail.com, but did not receive a reply. I've tried calling, but no one answers. I have a store credit I would like to use.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins Not to sound overly cheap, but do the tote discounts still apply to this? Thanks The price for Tote Holders is $116.55.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture I don't know if I understand how the sizing thing works. When you say 28, is the waist and the inseam 28? If 28 is the waist, how would I know the inseam size? Sorry for the noob questions! Size 28 waist. There is not a choice for the inseam. You will have to take them to a tailor to get them hemmed.
New Posts  All Forums: