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Quote: Originally Posted by otter Excuse my ignorance, but would throwing jeans in a dryer cause some loss in indigo! Can you rephrase this?
Quote: Originally Posted by 5tan Any asian males with a small nose bridge wear Ray Ban aviators? I tried on a pair today and noticed they basically fall off my face with the display model. I know the nose pins can be adjusted, but I think they would have to be pulled put away from the frame and I think it might (probably would) look weird. Anyone have thoughts or able to combat this issue? Need a pair of aviators this summer, dont feel like wearing...
^ I'm not sure that a white Dry Clean Only pant is a good idea...?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap Is there a good alternative to Acqua Di Gio? It's a great scent for summer... but everyone wears it. Azzaro Chrome is a excellent Summer scent!
Is the Olive color the same as the Jalapeno swatch that's on the blog?
^^ "tulip" is good for 15%.
Quote: Originally Posted by IamCargo then any comments on the Alden #8 wax ?? got 1 but not yet used.... Alden of Carmel says: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index...l_cordovan.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by treysfull recommend me some nice brown boots. I'm thinking of picking up the katahdins but winter is almost over and I'm thinking maybe I should go with something a little less hardcore. Price range ~2-300. Spend a little more and get some Indy boots. At Epaulet: http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/t...dy-Boot/Detail The Shoe Mart EDIT: check out Ebates.com for 5% cashback. That's $17.20 on $344.
What's the Vince Cardi made outta?
Put me down for the Gray Tropical wool Walt in 32.
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