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Quote: Originally Posted by CanuckBassist I don't recall exactly. I was just poking around on Google looking for pictures of them. This is the only one I could find without poking around for a while again. Also the 360 view of the 1980 hand dyed on Context shows the back pockets pretty low. Right. But where do you find that they are not low?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^ what gives. Got your chino today and your 34's are going out as soon as I receive a shipping label from Payman. Sweet! I love the color and hand. Very soft as others have stated. Not sure why I need to go up 2 sizes. Might be the lower rise when compared to my other trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoo04 Guys I reiterate size up ONLY 1! Don't think because you played hockey that your legs are massive. They are not. I have come to this sad realization. Other than that the chinos are superb. Colour (tartare) is perfect in person. I need to size up 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Holy crap you were right... 7.5 is only a .25 difference in length but are between .25-.5 wider and are perfect! I'm only sportin' the Hi tops though so it makes them a tiny bit more difficult to find in half sizes. converse.com has the maroon in half sizes where no one else seems to... and they have a pair in camo with black leather accents and a zipper all along the eyerow and collar. I freakin dig these a LOT...
Mauro, any word on my 34's getting out the door today? I sent a email, but I have not received a reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro What size did you get??? The waist will give nice but NOT stretch out sae with the seat...fyi I am happy everyone likes them. I can promise you the other colors are very nice as well. Best, Mauro Justin- look on the web and see how many we have left. Size 33. I need a 34 in Olive. I looked and there is at least 1 pair left. I just got home from the Post Office. Sent back the 33's.
My just arrived. I sized up one, but I need to go up one more.
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Do tortoise shell framed sun glasses work on fairer skin/hair/eyed people? You would be surprised. You'll have to try them and see if they look good. Technically, brown and tortoise are not supposed to look good on me, but they do look good. Try Persol 2720-S. I have a pair I am looking to sell cheap if you're interested.
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