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What about taking the shoes to a cobbler like the O.P. mentions and getting them restained?
I'm not sure about repairing these shoes. But in the future, please use Obernauf's LP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip W+H has been out at most retailers for over a month Damn! I've been looking for a Tiger Fleece hoody. Detour, Context and Detour have not received any from SS10. Chip: can you show me which retailers have received their W+H SS10 merchandise?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I have the 38's! No shipment. At this point I think it's not coming. I don't think any other retailers have received their W+H shipments either.
Did the S/S10 shipment of Wings and Horns show up yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude yeah sunday was great ... had my first pimm's cup which ended up becoming at least 6 with all the refills going around food was ridiculously good and i would have ended up with a food coma but my gf dragged me to the circus! haha i picked up the steak tar tar (red) chinos and the asian glow radiating from my face was a perfect match as for sizing, i tried on the 29s and although it fit me tighter...
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren This. Yup. I hate when a blazer swallows a shirt collar that is low aka short. Go big or go home!
Quote: Originally Posted by genericman ^ code is actually FFMARCH or FRIENDS FF20 works too.
20% off at Bloomingdale's with code FF20.
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