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Quote: Originally Posted by fosho I sized up one and everyone I've talked to has sized up one, so that's the way to go! How can I order a pair of chinos? Last night I sent a email to shopfarinellis@gmail.com, but did not receive a reply. I've tried calling, but no one answers. I have a store credit I would like to use.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins Not to sound overly cheap, but do the tote discounts still apply to this? Thanks The price for Tote Holders is $116.55.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture I don't know if I understand how the sizing thing works. When you say 28, is the waist and the inseam 28? If 28 is the waist, how would I know the inseam size? Sorry for the noob questions! Size 28 waist. There is not a choice for the inseam. You will have to take them to a tailor to get them hemmed.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong APCs aren't shrink-to-fit. "Best fit" is subjective. I think he means "shrunken fit", not shrink-to-fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture Dunno really. I'm kinda a newbie to this whole "shrink fit" trend. Out of the 3: New Cure, New Standard, or Rescue found at Tobi: http://www.tobi.com/men/home/shop-by-brand/3-a-p-c Which ones tend to give the best fit? Most people choose the New Standard. Get the Rescues if you have larger thighs and/or butt or if you want a looser fit. The New Cure is for the guy who wants a skinny fit. For you I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture Thinking of buying APC jeans since I heard great things about them. Normally I wear a size 30x30 in jeans (Lucky Brand, Levis, etc...). What size should I get? 32x32? Thanks! Which model of APC's? New Cure: 28 New Standard: 28 Rescue: 27
The steak tar-tar is HAWT!
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicOsmo I actually don't own any levis right now...the best-fitting pants I own are a pair of size 29 Rescues that have stretched out to about 33" in the waist and 12.5" in the thigh, and I would not mind a pair of jeans even a bit bigger than that in the thigh as those are getting pretty tight. The jeans in this thread were just about perfect for me but I was too slow to snatch them...
Revolve has them: http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...n+Projects&d=b
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicOsmo I know it's a longshot, but if anyone has these jeans in size 32 raw, I'd be willing to take them off your hands for a good price! Thanks! What size Levi's do you wear?
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