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Any Father's Day specials this week?
Quote: Originally Posted by svelten Refills are about $4 each on Amazon. I've only used electric shaver and disposables in the past so I don't know how long these blades can last for. I'm not going to bother if they won't even last me at minimum two weeks. A pack of 3 Power Proglide refills is $9.99 at Target. So about $3.56 each with approx. tax.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Expand on this please. The drivers need to be broken in. This can be done by listening to the headphones as normal or plugging them into a stereo.
Here's the best bet: Jlabs J3M Less than $60 and great sound quality. I plug mine into a old stereo and let them run for a day or so to get them broken in and get good bass out of them. Should be done with all makes and models.
Quote: Originally Posted by playdohh22 bumping this. anymore suggestions? http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/Produc...576&pg=5112043
Are these raw or a washed version?
Quote: Originally Posted by macchiato Definitely interested in the BoO. I'll PM you. Ditto, but please PM me if it's still available.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Just take them to a cobbler. It won't be an expensive fix. I agree. You'll save A LOT of hassle!
What about taking the shoes to a cobbler like the O.P. mentions and getting them restained?
I'm not sure about repairing these shoes. But in the future, please use Obernauf's LP.
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