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Le Labo Rose 31
I love my laceless Top-Siders!
Can you tell me about the history and condition of the Rag & Bone RB11's?
I'm still looking for this jacket.
You could have them altered AGAIN to your liking. Around this past Christmas holiday season there was a report on the news about store's return policies and such. Bloomingdales came out on top as having the best return policy and being flexible. I am a avid Bloomies shopper and I have always received top Customer Service. I imagine that the least they will do is give you store credit, if not a refund. Just explain your situation and BE NICE! lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy Burgess Is there anyway around paying $30 to ship a shirt to New Zealand? Just a little steep for me, as it adds another $45NZ onto the cost, which is a lot of money. I shipped a pair of jeans to New Zealand last summer. It cost me $30+.
Power refills are now $8.99 for 3 blades at Target. If you buy two packs, you get a $5 Target gift card. So that's $2.16/blade plus tax. They aren't in the shaving aisle, they are on a end cap near the shaving aisle.
Quote: Originally Posted by airblaster503 Alright so I got this in the mail. I have never used a battery operated razor such as this, what is the advantage? I have very sensitive skin on my neck and get razor bumps pretty easily so should I use the power feature? No do not use the Power feature. You will die. [/sarcasm] but seriously, lather up and enjoy the best shave of your life.
Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor Walmart had the refills at 5/$17+ For the manual or power refills?
Any Father's Day specials this week?
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