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What is the weight of Uniqlo denim?
Has anyone had an experience with Rakuten lately?
How do your 0701's compare to your 0201's?
Quite expensive: http://rivetandhide.com/justin/iron-heart-melton-wool-navy-pea-coat-2014.html
Jompso - How long should the first soak be?
There is a difference between a wash and a soak. Just clarifying for those that may not be aware. Wash is done in a machine with agitation.. Soak is done in a bathtub or something similar with minimal agitation. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. 
I have probably 15-20 sweaters. Too many for sure. I live in Minnesota so maybe it's warranted. We haven't seen temps above freezing in about two weeks. Should I donate some? Most are a cotton blend with cashmere or merino, 100% merino or cashmere. I'd rather donate than put them on B&S.
Thanks. I'm going to go up to a 33.
Does anyone have an idea about how much stretch I can expect from some 18oz Momotaro jeans? They're a little tight at the knee and upper block. But I like the look. The denim is stiff, of course, being sanforized 18oz raw denim.
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