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How do your 0701's compare to your 0201's?
Quite expensive: http://rivetandhide.com/justin/iron-heart-melton-wool-navy-pea-coat-2014.html
Jompso - How long should the first soak be?
There is a difference between a wash and a soak. Just clarifying for those that may not be aware. Wash is done in a machine with agitation.. Soak is done in a bathtub or something similar with minimal agitation. Please correct me if I'm mistaken. 
I have probably 15-20 sweaters. Too many for sure. I live in Minnesota so maybe it's warranted. We haven't seen temps above freezing in about two weeks. Should I donate some? Most are a cotton blend with cashmere or merino, 100% merino or cashmere. I'd rather donate than put them on B&S.
Thanks. I'm going to go up to a 33.
Does anyone have an idea about how much stretch I can expect from some 18oz Momotaro jeans? They're a little tight at the knee and upper block. But I like the look. The denim is stiff, of course, being sanforized 18oz raw denim.
How do 3sixteen jeans compare to Momotaro jeans?
Iron Heart 666 Devil's Fit Jean Size 32 NWT $330, free USPS Priority shipping in the US. Retail $360.   If you are reading this, you know the deal. I welcome any questions.    Purchased from Self Edge, received today. This is from their website: Spec's Unsanforized 18oz Indigo Selvedge Denim 3x1 Weave Right Hand Twill American Cotton Hidden Rivets Selvedge Crotch Detail Lined Rear Pockets Taped Front Pocket Bag Openings Button Fly Heavy Chino Pocket...
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