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there was no goal... lol
divine justice for chile and colombia.... they would have stood up to the challenge in a less humiliating manner
He's deaf doe, how could he hear you....
what size borsalino are you? and what model is that?
those are gross
Well with that said Colombia won 4-1 with 9 changes to the starting line up, I just wish falcao had been healthy and we would be 10x deadlier up front, even though we still have 4 world class strikers plus a world class team. Uruguay, you're up next.
Colombia*How many times does one have to say it?
thank you kind sir.
the commentary on espn is atrocious, I HATE it. they should jump off a cliff and stick to broadcasting basketball and football
I want to purchase a borsalino hat on ebay, how do i go about knowing what hat fits my head? Paging stitch
New Posts  All Forums: