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jets been here since 2006 and posted a mere 2 fit pics from the waist down. Dude's got insecurity issues
so weird to ask for a fit pic? isn't this thread full of fit pics?
and uhh, that junk does NOT look like a Panerai
well obviously thats what he wants, so yeah...
lets see a fit pic of you in a well fitting shirt so we can take a good look at the beer gut you're so desperately trying to hide
price? Look into U-boat
No one knows what to believe anymore
unless you're wearing yohji etc which you aren't, then your fits look like shit.For as much as you boast about benching however much you bench, I highly doubt you'd purposely wear oversized shit so people can't tell you work out
Worn twice. Buyer pays shipping. No box. if you're in canada add $20 for shipping
zizzou yes. and btw, is your username after the great Zinedine Zidane ?
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