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Haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potatoeI've done nothing to you, great job to run a business and shun potential customers away. really good look man.
flowery comments about his gay swim shorts and cuban cigars. did I miss any other self-loathing poasts?
LA, i need some trousers dawg.
jet has 10k posts hating on other people, he's a tool.
it doesnt look half bad du.
"sadly I can't take any of them seriously because they wear strange outfits...." so why the fuck do you even bother to get attention from them? you're like 57 dude, just quit the fashunz.
i want some cap toes
el tigre falcao with a double to give atletico a win over bilbao, man city, arsenal winning now if my beloved inter would win some games fuck chelsea, and manScum united. I hope madrid win the title, and this game was unbelievable. that ref needs to be sniped. like yesterday.
i have some BNIB steve mcqueen persols in brown/brown. they are the foldable ones. if anyone is interested PM me.
New Posts  All Forums: