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as of right now I'm trying to sell an APC shearling and a Julius jacket, so in less than a blink of an eye I could go from not being able to purchase a jacket to ordering a T-1. I'm sorry bro, send drew some flowers.
I need Gbear and Dbear to take measurements for my jacket.
I'm pretty sure he's driving somewhere close to me to measure vlsci or whatever his name is, so he wouldn't be able to measure me while killing two birds with one stone? your point? I'm sorry I can't ask drew to potentially measure me for pants/jacket because chances are by the time he comes I'll have funds to purchase a suede T-1.
did we set up a time for him to come measure me? no. I wouldn't be wasting any of his time just because I said "come to LA" when he wasn't planning to anyway, what's your point?
didn't i already say it wasnt about the pants? Fix your attitude and favoritism and you won't have any problems.EDIT: at the end of the day dude, you can't do that to any customer considering they put food on your table. I'm making myself an example because you seem to feel some type of way towards me which in a personal way is not wrong but from a company standpoint you cannot do that.
maybe i wanted a jacket also? he could have replied with "are you looking to buy a jacket as well? because i cannot travel just to measure pants" EASY AS THAT. But no, even if i wanted a jacket his answer was that he wouldn't drive anywhere to measure me. How are you still defending this? if this was in the dayton thread everyone would be going apeshit.
Dude, chill out, just let it go. Learn to stop taking things so seriously on the internet.[/quote]how about you let drew speak for himself, see what i mean by fanboys coming to the rescue? he was clearly in the wrong and everyone wants to brush his shoulder off like it's all good. I'm talking from the standpoint of a new potential customer even though I already have a jacket. it's pretty pathetic when i quote each and every response and everyone overlooks it because he has...
I'm not in the wrong, I was never going to buy some trousers anyway because I just bought a car. Yes he is picking and choosing because he himself asked who wanted him to go to La/OC and all i suggested was LA and he had to come and respond like his customers don't pay his bills.fanboys will be fanboys and thats why i'll always hate/love TOJ, only because of the products but not because of the customers/owner.
Drew's going to be in California for less than 48 hours. He offered to measure some people for jackets. You indicated you wanted him to come measure you for a pair of trousers, which cost significantly less than a jacket. Maybe you think it's callous, but in this case, time is money. He's got a finite amount of time in California and he can't be hacking away at that limited time measuring someone for a pair of pants. You're getting overly defensive about this.And I say...
great answer A++++would read again.
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