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how much did you drop?
whaaaaaaaaaaaa, you cray nigga!
do they look like shit, or are they actually good copies?
toj allsaints black levi's chinos (no vis) patent leather cp achilles (no vis) no public bathroom shame
why the fuck was he sleeping on someones couch?????????? i'm from new york and im a knicks fan but i just dont understand.
well the part that i bolded made it seem like he was talking about his financial status.
well the "minimum" for an nba player might be like 100k at the least, and that is not being poor by any means. either way, the point that i'm trying to make is that drew is making it seem like he was a starving african child.
???he had a contract with nike at golden state, and golden state were paying him at least a million. wherein my last statement did you not understand something?
that dude's been a millionaire since his college days, he had million dollar contracts. he's not poor by any means.
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