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great answer A++++would read again.
[/quote]someone please tell me how I'm in the wrong?
the difference is I said it nicely, and you said it like an asshole. like for real? why can't you just accept the fact that it was a hostile answer and move on? grow up.
let's think back a couple of posts here. I said"hey drew, come to LA!"drew: "I wouldn't drive anywhere to measure you!"who's the dick here?
the part that bothers me is the fact that someone can't have a different opinion regarding anything in here because all these stupid fanboys will muster up any excuse to say otherwise or 20+ people will put you on ignore/ stfu posts/ gtfo/ etc. really?
take your own advice. everyone in this threak is going to chastise me in 3......2......1......
sweet dance
there needs to be a facepalm emoticon for whenever the toj fanboys come to the rescue.
I have a DR, and i love it. The pathetic thing is everyone coming to drew's rescue when he has a holier than thou attitude.
that wasn't the point. your attitude towards me is that of someone that can pick and choose their customers, and that's pretty douchy.oh lord, a fanboy.maybe I wanted to get measured for a jacket too? did you ever think of that? or did sucking off drew's penis not let you realize it?
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