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the part that bothers me is the fact that someone can't have a different opinion regarding anything in here because all these stupid fanboys will muster up any excuse to say otherwise or 20+ people will put you on ignore/ stfu posts/ gtfo/ etc. really?
take your own advice. everyone in this threak is going to chastise me in 3......2......1......
sweet dance
there needs to be a facepalm emoticon for whenever the toj fanboys come to the rescue.
I have a DR, and i love it. The pathetic thing is everyone coming to drew's rescue when he has a holier than thou attitude.
that wasn't the point. your attitude towards me is that of someone that can pick and choose their customers, and that's pretty douchy.oh lord, a fanboy.maybe I wanted to get measured for a jacket too? did you ever think of that? or did sucking off drew's penis not let you realize it?
Haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potatoeI've done nothing to you, great job to run a business and shun potential customers away. really good look man.
flowery comments about his gay swim shorts and cuban cigars. did I miss any other self-loathing poasts?
LA, i need some trousers dawg.
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