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what about atletico in the final. wow. falcao is the best no.9 in the world.
bball still available right? my experience with the DR pockets = they suck, in the sense that the second you put anything in there the whole aesthetic of the jacket just goes to shit. thats why mine stay empty.
Aeglus's dr is red lamb correct? I'm torn between a red or green 2010 dr and I'd want lamb, but I think only calf is available
PODOLSKI to arsenal
x2i need to know this.
what a game, now for barca to trounce chelski tomorrow but ill be at work
drogbas goal ashleys dive... what a fucking piece of shit. manchester united should burn in hell. tevez to inter (i wish)
how much usd?
I just lol'ed pretty hard, don't know what you're talking about du
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