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i feel like you need to size down 2. they look baggy in a bad way
not digging the jeans, i'd rather skip the boot tuck
the sucky part is that you'll wear it with stuff that is not necessarily tailored.
wore mine today. Quality is superb.
Drew is driving an e92 m3 and paying $9/gallon. I'm pretty sure they are not going to stop taking orders anytime soon if ever. The shut down seems like a hoax, of which I hope it is so I can kop a jacket. Need.more.time.
since when
I said it first.
how come i get no love stitchy
^ no.
For those that asked for a fit pic of the Blk Dnm jacket. Pic was random as i ran into my mom at sprouts. Blk Dnm Five four Five four Daniel Alessandrini (no vis) Ran into my mom at sprouts fit is all Five Four stuff that was given to me for free. (the hat too) Not really a fit that represents my style but i went to the gym before work and i rushed so I had to throw a hat on.
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